Tatyanna’s Quinceañera (December 16th 2017)

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You get that client every once in a while that’s so appreciative of what you do as well as the quality or service and product you provide that they kick themselves for not finding you earlier. I love those types, she was like “Oh @hit, you have a photo booth too?” “How much do you charge for 4 hours?” “Oh my god, I wish I would have found you earlier”. That’s no shade to the photo booth provider that my clients husband had already booked, they were awesome. I wish I could remember the name of the company so I could plug them…Okay, it brings me to Tatyanna’s Quinceañera at Pierre’s Of South Brunswick, a town in Jersey I’m becoming very popular in. My client who is the mom of Tatyanna pulled out all the stops for her daughter, I see some parents doing little to nothing or way too much and this one fell in the way too much file. As a photographer and a spectator you listen to the stories being told at these events and you can either start playing on your phone or you can listen to get a real feel of the person everyone’s in the building to celebrate and I witnessed clearly why her daughter deserved such a lavish celebration. Go Mom & Dad….!! You guys are doing an awesome job.

Everything from the decor, the back drop, the desert table on down to the location was absolutely beautiful, we had an issue with time in the beginning because my client wanted me to shoot the court before the event but she got there late and so did half of the court. You know me though, I couldn’t leave that event without getting those shots in. I had to think quick, where in the hell am I going to shoot this large group of people without them all being needed for or at some period of the night? I ran out of the venue looking outside of the building as well as inside of the building on other floors and couldn’t find anything. I saw things, but I didn’t have an assistant and my lights were already set up around the dance floor. I don’t like moving my lights from location to location because you mess up your settings and when you get back, that spot may longer be available and so on and so forth. I wonder had I not gotten the shot would the client had been disappointed in me or would she had dealt with it because she and the court were late? Lol, let me not wonder that and be proud that I was able to pull it off. I called the mom to the side and told her I need the entire court at a certain spot at 9:40PM, and asked her if she can make it happen. She said yes. I moved one light, set the stage, did a couple test shots and I was good. A half hour or so passed and all members of the court were where I needed them, I made a couple adjustments with height and such and I was good money. Took a test shot and let off about 10-15 more and I told all those teenagers to beat it, you are no longer needed. Lol, real talk. One kid was like, there’s no way he got the shot. Come on son, I does this. I wish the guys would have stood closer to one another but you know how dudes are.

Just a good old time overall, shout out to Pierre’s Of South Brunswick… I’ll be shooting a Sweet Sixteen there on March 10th, we should probably sit down and talk. You know, let’s talk about that Preferred Vendors list. Lol


Cockroach Labs Holiday Party 2017

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Every once in a while I get lucky enough to have a client utilize my services more than once, I love repeat clients. I want to give a super big thank you to Chelsea Lee and the good people over at Cockroach Labs for hiring me again to provide the photo booth for their 2nd annual holiday party. Not sure if it was the actual 2nd annual but to me it was. I was on site for a short period of time because I was double booked but with the help of an awesome assistant I was able to be in 2 places at one time. Thanks Deb….!! For all those curious at to who Cockroach labs are, they are the SQL database for building global cloud services. I copied and pasted that straight from their website. Real talk.

I’m going to talk my client Chelsea Lee into using the photo booth in the traditional way next year if I’m lucky enough to be back. Going with the 3-4 images per strip Vs. one shot and print. I feel like people get more bang for their buck that way. Oh, and we’re definitely using another back drop as well. I think that gold sequins can set it self up at this point as much as it’s requested and used.

Head Shot Day with Keller Williams Greater Nassau (April 7th 2017)

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Okay, the battery in my back has been re-charged and now I’m back to give you guys these good words. If you’ve read this blog before you know my dates and such are all out of wack because I try not to blog about anything until the business of the event or what it is I’m capturing is actually finalized. So, with that I bring you this one and my friend Annette has a LOT to do with this one. Okay, Annette reached out to me regarding her co-workers liking the head shot(s) on her business cards. She knew I just lost my job in Corporate America and was looking out for me. Long story short, I put together a proposal and sent it to one of the people running things over at her agency. While I was at it I ended up sending that same proposal to 25-30 more real estate agencies. Agencies in Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. Not knowing what was going on, I didn’t hear back from any of the agencies and I was shocked. Went back and read the proposal and was wondering what else could I offer to actually get a call back from someone willing to take advantages of the prices and services I would provide. I knew someone would, I guess I was thinking it would happen a lot faster.

It did end up happening, I got a call one month later from Annette’s firm “Keller Williams Realty”. They wanted me to do head shots for 8 of their Real Estate Agents but we just didn’t have a date which was fine. As weeks passed, the person I was in contact with got back to me. She then sent me the date and time her agents wanted to do the shoot and that number 8 grew to 10, then to 13, then to 15, then to 18 and then to 23 or so. I had to push back a little because my goal was to shoot all the agents in one sitting BUT I also had a wedding that following day and what I promised in the proposal for the head shots “Same day editing and final file delivery” would be hard to execute. I wanted to meet with one of my wedding team members as well as try to get to the church where the ceremony was taking place the same evening I did the head shots to get an image of the bride and groom signing their marriage license. It just ended up being too much to try to do in one day. I have to say though, the head shot session went well. Such a great group of people over there at KW Realty.

I think the final number was 20, but only 18 showed up but my assistant Angie and I were good with that, shout out to Angie all the damn time. We brought the studio from Staten Island to Long Island and gave these agents some great images for their business cards, social media platforms and where ever else they’d like their faces featured. My thing was that I’d log on to a companies website and I’d see the pictures of their staff and wondered why everyone had such terrible pictures of themselves and it was because some of them never had a professional head shot before. Don’t get my wrong, some of the agents and KW Realty had decent images but with what I was offering my dude…? A lot of the agents were suggesting we make this type of session an every month thing as new Real Estate agents join their firm every week. I’m all for it, I’m in the process of putting another proposal together right now… Super special thank you once again to Annette Nichols-Williams and Katherine Carcach..

I’ll see y’all in a little bit..




The Looney Bin Comedy Club (Feb. 11th 2017)

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tlb_feb11th2017-20Get ready to see more blog posts from my adventurous nights on Staten Island, that’s right… from the Looney Bin Comedy Club. I’ve been shooting there for a few years now and it’s pretty much been my go to location when and if I’m not working. Like, I work when I’m there but I’m not on the payroll.. I’m just freelancing or whatever the term is. At one point, I was just taking the pictures and giving them all away and then I started to watermark my images because a couple cats were right clicking, saving and using without crediting me. I was okay with it for a while and then I got bitter about it. Stopped watermarking again and then conversing with my man Tommy Gooch last week had me thinking to begin watermarking my images again and I did. Shout out to Tommy Gooch and #wekiddin

tlb_feb11th2017-93Okay, so as a freelance photographer I’m out there hustling… Leaving my business cards on tables and I’ve done this for years but it’s something about this grind I really like at that’s probably why I can’t stay away from it. Do I get a call or two from people I’ve left cards with?  Yes… Do I make a couple dollars off of 4×6 prints I can print out while after taking photos of people in attendance? Yes.. It’s how I built this machine I’ve become but let’s start talking about how awesome the show was because the 3 of you that read my blog already know my story. Okay, so I’m going to do a better job at remembering the comedians names because for some strange reason the only one I can remember is Tommy Durnin and that’s probably because him and I had a good half hour conversation before the show started. We talked about everything from marriage to the arts and how we all have to hustle to keep the lights on in our respective places of residence.

tlb_feb11th2017-7I need to talk to Victor and ask him to keep a calendar of past dates on the website just in case people like myself need to remember the names of a comedian they saw perform. Victor owns the Looney Bin Comedy Club but why do you guys care? Okay, I won’t be at the Looney Bin this weekend coming FEB. 18th due to other obligations but look for me, take my card, follow me on social media, tell all your friends about that cool @$$ photographer you met at the comedy club. Notice I only remember the names of comedians named Tommy…? How weird is that…? To see ALL of the images I took last Saturday at the Looney Bin, just CLICK HERE….!!


There will always be a first…

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jan7th_-14_32339098191_oI’ve been very lucky with some of the work that’s been dropping in my lap, and some of the stuff is everyday what I’m so used to stuff. I’ve been coming across those “well, that’s a first” types as of late and it’s been amazing. It all started with the Bar Mitzvah, then the Bat Mitzvah and then the most recent was a B’not Mitzvah which is the female plural form. Yes, the Mitzvah was welcoming twin girls to womanhood. It was a big event for me for 2 reasons, the first being it was a first for me and the second reason is because a colleague of mine Liborio of http://3clickphotobooth.com/ was hired for his photo booth and like any other event we always get asked “Hey, do you know someone that does blah blah blah and those 3 blahs were photography. That’s where I come in, Lib hit me up to see if I was available on that date and as a collective unit we took care of business.

jan7th_-568_32339093731_oI don’t know why the name of the venue escapes me, I do remember it being a headache in a half getting all of our equipment into the freight elevator and the walk from one side of the lower level to the other just to get in the elevator. Oh, and I had to park my car 15 or so blocks away. Oh, and it was snowing that day. Oh, and we got all of our equipment out and half way set up only to find out we were on the wrong floor setting up in the wrong room… How crazy was that…? The venue was on East 44th or 49th and 1st Ave I believe. A very nice spot too, people that use that venue clearly have money. I’d have to say the party was fun, the food was delicious and the kids all enjoyed themselves except for this one young man that wouldn’t smile. There was also and MC there named Kevin that reminded me a bit of R. Kelly and not because of bathroom breaks. He resembled him a little bit.. My dude kept everyone up beat and entertained. The parents definitely hired the right guy for the job…

jan7th_-231_32082428890_oI did miss a certain shot which happens every once in a while, it’s a bad thing but you can always turn bad to good if you’re a quick thinker. Here’s what happened, the MC called the entire party in real close. I had no idea what was going on but I was right in the middle of it all. He surprised us all and asked the girls to blow out the candles on their cake. I was so close that I couldn’t focus, didn’t have the right lens on my camera or something. I just couldn’t focus, but I did take 3 terrible shots. I was like “damn, the parents are going to hate me when they notice that shot isn’t there”. What I did was I waited and watched the cake as the staff rolled it off the floor and back into a corner that was lit very well. I chased the girls and got them back together and explained to them what happened and they were down to do a do-over. Ha, now that’s how you fix a problem…!! Shout out to my guy Liborio and thanks once again to the Price Family for hiring us.

For more images of the Price’s B’not Mitzvah, CLICK HERE SON…..!!!!

Hanukkah Themed Photo Booth “12-31-2016”

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0200-copyThe day after Christmas I said to myself “I want to get one more photography related gig before 2017”. I was patient and I saw one out there that caught my attention. Now, the photo booth has been my go to as of late. It’s so much easier to execute and such a smaller headache Vs. all of the other services I provide. I put a price and a package out there and the client set up a time for her and I to talk. The talk happened and she paid the invoice immediately, no deposit either. The entire balance right there over the phone. Wow, what a great way to end the year. Now, seeing that this event was only 4.5 days away I needed to know the theme and she stated it was a Hanukkah Celebration. I told her “I’m going to try my best to find some props in time” and she said “it’s fine if you can’t because it’s so last minute”. That if I couldn’t it would be totally fine. I know better than that and since she was so good at hiring me on the spot I put in a little extra effort and ordered some props off of Amazon.com that same evening for a next day delivery. I actually did stop in at Michael’s & Party City but they didn’t have anything.

0289-copyAfter such great email and phone conversation I was ready to drive out to Long Branch New Jersey to put the show together, my client wanted the enclosed photo booth Vs. the back drop set up and with the enclosed booth I usually try to hire an assistant to help me because it’s a big to do for one person but it was New Years Eve. Who was I going to get to help me out for fifty to one hundred bucks that night? Everybody I know is either partying or trying to find a party. Me, I have another mission… I’m Tryna Pay Some Damn Bills, I don’t have time to party. Lol, got to the location way in advance and although it took me 5 trips from my car to the Synagogue I didn’t care. My back is feeling it though as I type this. My client wanted me to set the photo booth up in the basement and when I saw those stairs I damn near fainted. I was sweating like a pig as 5-6 10-12 year olds kept asking me “Is it set up yet?”. I said to one of the young ladies “The photo booth goes live at 7PM, it’s only 6PM. Can you guys come back down here in an hour?”. Of course they didn’t, those kids had me under pressure. Lol..

0156-copyHad a technical difficulty once I got everything set up, for some strange reason the printer began printing the last photo booth event I had prior and I was scratching my head like WTF??!!??. I’m here wasting photo paper and ink and I have children on my back wanting to use the booth. I asked my client for an additional 5 minutes so I can figure out what the issue was. Logged onto YouTube looking for a video on how to cancel the print queue in Windows 10 and found it. Man, I think half of the last photo booth event came out of the printer. Crazy right…? I’d have to say, this event was by far the best photo booth I had. The kids were so much fun, although they were a pain in my butt in the beginning I began to enjoy them as the night carried through. I want to thank my client Leah for hiring me and I also want to thank her husband for greasing my palm on my way out. I’ve been doing this photo booth thing for a while now, I never thought I’d be in a Synagogue with it though. Props to me for making 2016 a year I’ll never forget…


The wedding of Lillian & Jack (Jersey City/ Nov. 2016)

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dsc_0646-copyIf you’ve been following my journey you probably know that I owe a lot of my work load to a certain website. That site is Thumbtack.com, I browse it daily looking to see what kinds of photography services are needed. Recently I started using another site called GigMasters.com because I’ve never been one to rely on referrals, Facebook and such to get work. It’s out there so I just go looking for it, just like Thumbtack it took some time to understand as well as land a job. I think it was a full 2 months I went without landing something until I saw a user named Jack looking for a photobooth for his wedding reception. I reached out to him and he called me within minutes. He says he noticed I also did event photography and wanted to hire me for both services. I’ll tell this one funny story about the official day I met Jack & his beautiful wife Lillian. We were to meet at this Train Terminal near the 911 Memorial out there in Jersey City so I arrive there on time the morning of. Jack & Lillian are running a bit late but it’s all good. They’re going to arrive and I’ll be all ready because I had plenty of time to set my shots up as well as put my exposures together. About a half an hour later Jack & Lillian arrive and we get right to it. BAM, 3 minutes later a pigeon craps on Jack’s suit blazer.. LMAO, i’m sorry Jack but that was hilarious.

dsc_6036-copyLillian is such a great person, she says to Jack “I have make up remover wipes in my bag, let’s try to clean it off with those”. She gets the jacket cleaned off and we’re ready to start the portraits before the ceremony. It was cold and I was really worried about Lillian being cold and on top of that we’re at Jersey State Park right at the water and that breeze was brutal. She was a soldier though, she was good to go. We did a couple locations within the 45 mins to an hour we had left and we produced some good stuff. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, from the church to the many tears I witnessed dropping down the sides of Lillian’s face. She hid her face from me at one point because she didn’t want me to catch her crying. That same day I had help coming in from Queens & Brooklyn. I had a good friend of mine Annette coming in to man and operate the photo booth and Kenny was my 2nd shooter to back me during the reception. I really needed Kenny because if I was too busy setting up the photo booth, I didn’t want to get caught out there and miss the bride and grooms entrance. Kenny was late though, sent him the address the night before and he puts the wrong address in his GPS. Big dummy, lol… It all worked in the end though.

ljDuring the reception Kenny holds up what I think is a Jack & Coke and I look at him like he’s crazy, he says “Jack wants you and I to have a drink” and we try not to drink around clients because if something goes wrong then that can become a case. Jack insisted on it so we all had a drink or two or three. Oh my god, I can’t believe I had that much to drink while shooting a wedding and shout out to Jack & Lillian for being so nice to us. The photo booth was a huge hit and everyone from the kids to some of the employees as the venue enjoyed it. That’s right, a couple of the waiters and bartenders at the venue where the reception was being held couldn’t resist and inquired whether they could take a few pictures in the booth and i’m like “why not?”. Good times had by all… Congratulations to Lillian & Jack, you guys are such a beautiful couple and I wish the both of you the best.