Amrita and Joegy (April 22nd, 2018)

Beautiful venues always make events look better, when I mean beautiful I’m talking about scenery and lighting and whatever else photographers and videographers (<— Is That A Real Word?). Some times when I walk into a venue I’m blown away and often times I’m scratching my head like “WTF??!!”. I’m saying, I’ve shot events in public school cafeterias, you feel me? It’s all about making the best of any given situation. Some times there’s 2-3 more lights you can add or the DJ having a light display that helps your outcome. Chopping it up with Kenny Watz who was my second shooter during this wedding we came to the conclusion that it was just too dark in the venue and I bring this up because I’ve been to venue before just as a photo booth operator but if I remember correctly the space was lit a lot better. I just think there were 6-8 up lights around the room there before which aids a lot but I don’t want to get too much into the technical. I’ll reel it back in and discuss this wedding which was a beautiful union.

My client Amrita [the bride] reached out to me through another vehicle I’ve been using in my attempt to land more photography jobs. That vehicle is With anything I try I give it a window and if I don’t have any success I move on. That wasn’t the case with Amrita and this new vehicle, I believe she was the 3rd person I contacted which isn’t bad. She loved what I was selling and we started the process, Through conversing with her and knowing what she wanted I decided to let her know about the photo booth and she loved the idea that she would save if she booked both event coverage and photo booth. I remember leading up to the wedding, like 2 days before Amrita and I were trading emails and I brought up the 2 additional people I’d be with who were Kenny [2nd Shooter] and Xavier [Photo Booth Attendant]. Amrita didn’t let the venue know that I’d have people with me so there was a possibility they wouldn’t be fed. I was like “Oh sh@t, I thought I told her I’d have people with me?” Told Kenny and Xavier there was a chance we’d have to eat before and after the event because the client may be short 2 plates. My guys weren’t sweating it, we’d just grab a couple protein bars on the way but my client had it all covered and we all ate that night. The ceremony took place outdoors where the sun and shade weren’t playing well together but we figured it out once the groom began walking out. The highlight of the ceremony was the best dog, yes… at some point a young lady walks down the isle with a bulldog on a leash and the dog is wearing a tuxedo. Well, I’ll be damned… The wedding took place at Stone House At Sterling Ridge in Warren NJ.

Props to the good people of the Orange County Police Department, the groom I believe is a Lieutenant with the OCPD? He had nothing but the best things to say about Kenny & I and said he’d write a review on my Google page, I need to look for that because I could use that. Lol, never the less it was an amazing day, an amazing client and normally an amazing venue but those up lights would have really helped. Oh I got a call recently from Amrita, they are expecting and will be considering me for her maternity session. Yay…..!!!

For more images from this wedding, please CLICK HERE!!


J. Flowers


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