Aaliyah’s Sweet Sixteen

Nothing’s better than working from home, or working near home and I get super excited when I’m able to work in my own backyard. Not my backyard literally, but in the same borough, town and neighborhood I reside in. There are pros and cons though. One of the pros is getting home early after working and one con would be people knowing your personal business. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s funny when I show up to an event on Staten Island and some guy taps me on the shoulder and says “Hey, you go to the gym on such and such street?”, or “I knew I’ve seen your face before, I didn’t know you were a photographer. That’s good, because I’ve been looking for some good inexpensive local photographers”. Yikes…. This event has nothing to do with any of that, I just felt I had to put that out there. This event came to me by way of videographer Delroy Barclay, met dude 2 years ago at a Sweet Sixteen and we’ve been referring clients to one another since. I’d have to say, he’s been helping me a lot more than I’ve been helping him but I’m going to fix that soon.

See, Delroy does video and I do photos. People reach out to him for video and then they’ll ask “Do you also do photography?” and one thing leads to another. The client ended up hiring me for both the event coverage and the photo booth so it was a triple win, a double for me but you know what I mean. I meant the client booked the photography, the photo booth and the video coverage. I don’t want to spend the entire post talking about Mr. Barclay so I’ll begin explaining how amazing this Sweet 16 was. Aaliyah, who was the birthday girl danced her heart out which we love as photographers and especially at Sweet 16’s because the kids tend to stand in a circle looking down into their phones. Trust me, there were kids doing that but Aaliyah and her Dad didn’t care. They literally pushed and dragged people onto the dance floor which made the event super cool because who likes a boring party. Oh, and the music was off the hook….!!

Dominic, who is Aaliyah’s dad met me in my favorite Dunkin Donuts to go over the contract and all months before the party and I knew him and I would hit it off. I think it had something to do with all that moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island talk we had. Wait, was that him that I had that conversation with? Yo, at some point there was a Milly Rock battle or contest taking place in the middle of the dance floor which was amazing to see. There are literally 4.5 dances these kids do all day now at parties and this was one of the times I didn’t mind documenting the same stuff I see at every party. This party was on a whole other level I haven’t seen, shout out to the DJ who’s name I don’t think I’d remember if I tried for this event took place some months ago. Y’all should be used to these late blog entries by now. Yes, this party took place earlier this year… March 24th 2018 to be exact. Don’t worry, I’ll get better with this next year…

For more images from this event CLICK HERE

For Delroy Barclay of HVP Classic CLICK HERE


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  1. If you haven’t already, please find a way to monetize your blog. You are an engaging writer with great photos and content. I hate you so you know that you must be incredibly talented if I took time out to compliment your dumbass!

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