Andrea and Jason’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Man, it has been a minute since I’ve done this and I’m sure like the other 4-5 times it will happen again. It’s good to be back though, I’m trying to remember the reason for the hiatus this time around. I think I made an attempt to blog but forgot about a conference call I had to jump on or some crap I had to do at work. Whatever though, it’s good to be back like I stated earlier. I’ll start out by thanking my recent client Jason for understanding and agreeing to the terms of anything contractual I sent or stated to him. People tend to not understand the time frames they’ll have to either download their images from my server, staying over the hours I’ve billed them for and everything else that will eventually cost them more. People really think I want to be at their parties, lol… in some cases I do like when the food and drinks are good but other than that I’m just working hard to put food on my family like my man said right here: That of course is a joke, shout out to Andrea & Jason for having me cover their joint birthday party although from what I was hearing it was really Jason’s. Great couple by the way, they celebrated their big day at the Crestmost Country Club in West Orange NJ, very swanky place, golf course and all.

I got to the venue a little early because I’m a nut when it comes to being on time, I was a little worried because it looked like a construction site. Grabbed my phone to confirm the address and went inside a door where I saw people entering to inquire whether I was at the right venue. The young man I spoke to quickly apologized about the condition the place was in because they were/ are actually under construction. He pointed me in the right direction and I was good to go. I ran into Jason and his wife Andrea as I began to unload my equipment and it was party time. The location was nice, one of the nicest places I’ve worked at this year even with the eye sore/ construction materials and trucks in site. Great music, amazing food and super cool party goers makes for the perfect event.

Super Happy Birthday shout out to both Andrea and Jason Gershwin, such a pleasure working with you guys. To see some more images from this event click here: #GERSHWIN40


J. Flowers









~ by mrflowersphotos on August 8, 2018.

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