COMODO Networking Event (July 2018)

People have mentioned to me the reason they enjoy reading my blog is because I speak some real stuff. I don’t go too deep into some of the struggles I face as a photographer with clients but I hint and make light of situations that either lands me another opportunity or put me in a place where I’ll avoid something or someone the next go around. You see, I’m still learning this as I go but let’s get into the story. Okay, last year Halloween I had the pleasure of working for a client named Beep Boop who originally only wanted to hire me for the photo booth. After he looked around my website I think he got wind of the event photography I offer as well. He booked the photo booth and I gave him the event photography super discounted because I wanted to land the job for 2 reasons.


  1. I REALLY needed the money
  2. I have a teenager working with me and I like to keep the kid busy, he can carry heavy equipment too so it works

Fast forward to this year, it’s not even Halloween yet but I get a text from Beep Boop wanting those same services and I was with it. Sent him the invoice and he immediately noticed the difference in the total price from 2017 Vs. 2018. He inquired and I simply told him the truth, I think I even mentioned that he should visit my website to see the actual prices for the services I provide. That text seem to have fallen on deaf ears because he didn’t respond. I was thinking to myself “Damn, I think I may have lost the job over a couple hundred dollars” because as quick as the event date was approaching I needed to know something but I didn’t pester him, I fell back. I was wondering whether he would let the opportunity to get the same quality services pass by just to save a couple hundred bucks to get a sub par service provider. What I was also wondering even from last year is what did this guy do for a living because his house is something straight off of MTV Cribs. Any way, I call my dude Marcel Holley often to discuss photography and other stuff under the sun but we always chop it up about good and problematic clients. Told him about the price increase and he was saying I should just give dude the same price from last year just to ensure I’ll land the job but I didn’t want to sell myself short because I took a loss last year. A week passes by and Beep Boop replies to the text to lock me in. The client is super dope though, he doesn’t mind us drinking while working.. Shoot, he actually enforces it….!! The first thing he showed me when Amy (because Xavier wasn’t available) and I arrived was the 2 refrigerators loaded with beer and wine, told us to help ourselves. He wants us to have the same good time his guests are having. Last year was the Halloween/ Birthday Party while this past July was a Networking Event. He did mention he will be having the Halloween party in October and I think he’ll be using my company again. I think….? What made me feel confident that I’d be back again was seeing the same hired bartenders and DJ from the 2017 event. They all remembered me, the DJ even said to me if Beep Boop likes you he’s going to hire you for every event he has. One of the bartenders mentioned that too and she’s worked 3 events he’s had. Now, y’all know the clients name isn’t Beep Boop. Not sure if I ever asked him whether I can drop his name in my blog entries, I may have last year though. I’d have to look back.

While at the event I asked a couple friendly people how did they know Beep Boop, I wanted to really find out what this guy was about. A couple people said he was their boss and a former competitor. Then that’s when I decided to ask what was the company all about, I knew the name before the event because I had to put the photo booth artwork together for the prints. When one of the young fellas told me what the company was all about I was floored, I started to give the guy my resume.. I’m going to try to see if I remember, COMODO provides internet security certificates in short TLS/SSL is a standard security protocol which establishes encrypted links between a web-server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. I just copied and pasted that from their website like I knew what the hell I was talking about. Lol, I know this entry was scattered and all over the place but I needed to put this out. I shot a lot of events during this recent hiatus and it all needs to get out.

Special thank you to the guys at COMODO, thank you for having us back again.

To see some more images from this event click here: COMODO NETWORKING EVENT 2018


J. Flowers




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