Noelle’s 30th Birthday Party/ New Years Eve Celebration/ FRIED CHICKEN

So, the young lady that hired me to cover this event is super awesome. Shout out to Rebecca. I’ll get that out of the way, oh… and so understanding. I’ll break that all down right about here: Okay, I book a job in Montclair NJ through and everything is fine and dandy. We lock in the hours of service plus the rate, the invoice goes out and all I’m doing is waiting for the date to arrive. The evening comes, I’m in my house watching CNN and I have a few more hours before I head out the house. I get a call from the client, the conversation went like this:

Client: Hi John, are you here yet?

Me: Hi Rebecca, no.. i’m in my house charging my batteries and watching the news.

Client: Because the birthday girl is about to enter the room and give a speech.

Me: Wait, did you change the time for the event and forget to notify me? I’m supposed to be at the venue in an hour and a half, I’ll send you a screen swipe image of the booking reservation you made.

Client: Okay

Client: Oh sh@t, I know what happened. I made this reservation with you from home in California and the time difference didn’t translate to Eastern Standard Time. I’m so sorry, how far out are you from here?

Me: I’m about 30-35 minutes out, I’ll hop in my car shortly, I should be there in a half hour….

That was so crazy, I felt bad but at the same time when I screw something up I make up for it. That was one where I had no fault in it but I drove like a bat out of hell to make it to the event and get some of the best images ever. When I pulled up I couldn’t quite make out the address to the house, the house was off the hook. Something you see on listed at a billion dollars. Well, that’s what I saw. I get to the door, ring the bell and the music is so loud I don’t know why I thought someone would hear the bell so I called my client Rebecca. She must’ve been sitting on her phone because she answered it mid ring like “Please tell me you’re outside?” I was like “Yep”. She thanked me so much and I got straight to work. That’s when I found out that not only was this a New Years Eve Celebration that it was also a 30th Birthday Party for her friend Noelle. Man, they had an ice luge there they were downing drinks off of and I was blown away by it. I’m so used to seeing those in cult classic college fraternity/ hangover type movies, I’ve never been to an event near and around one myself.

The highlight of the night was this fried chicken that I’ll never forget, now… as a brother walking around doing my photography job and during down time I’ll snack on whatever’s around. Okay, so i’m hovering around this table and there are some baby carrots, meatballs and other things I can’t remember right now and a whole bunch of fried chicken. Now, I don’t like to touch food like that when I’m shooting because I don’t like to get food and ish on my cameras. I usually get the little tooth pick types, you know.. the stuff you can pick up and not have a messy hand just in case someone yells “Picture man, come over here and take my picture”. So, this caucasion man says to me “Dude, you have to try that fried chicken”. Part of me was like “Why does this white man assume I need to try some FRIED CHICKEN?”. I was like “Nah, I’m going to stick to these carrots and healthy ish”. I moved about and got some turkey meatballs and some other things that were on tooth picks but as I walked past the fried chicken platter that whiff just hit me. I played it off and walked away, but that chicken smelled so damn good. About a half hour later, there’s some more down time and I sneak away to find that fried chicken tray, I grabbed a piece and a small plate and went to town. That damn chicken was probably the best fried chicken I ever had. As I reach for another piece that same dude that mentioned the chicken to me earlier was back at the tray too and he said “Was I right?’ I started to give him a hug, YO…..!! The event was catered and that restaurant/ cook/ chef that put it all together deserves a damn award.

The second highlight of the night was the birthday girl Noelle doing a split, like she just spazzed out. I don’t even know what song was playing or the reason for the split but I’m sure all the champagne and Tito’s Vodka had something to do with it. I had a good damn time….!! Oh, I mentioned earlier that my client Rebecca was cool and so understanding as well, I said understanding because of something that happened recently. Okay, so I shot this event on Dec. 31st 2017 and I got the final images back to my client on Jan. 2nd 2018. Contractually she had 2 months to download the images from my server and she never did. I think she was just happy with being able to visit the site link to see them on her phone but she never downloaded the actual image files. Just this July she reaches out to me to say the link expired and she’s trying to download the pictures. Now, I thought she would have downloaded them in the near 7 months she had access to them and she never did. I searched my computer and they were no longer there because I delete images months after the event. Those files take up mad space. I did upload a few of them to my Flickr account and told her that I was sorry and that I don’t keep images stored that long due to space allowance. I pointed it out to her in her agreement and she totally understood. Sent her the link to the Flickr gallery and she said what I sent her was good enough.

The moral of the story guys: Please download the images I send in the gallery when you receive it.

For more images from this event please CLICK HERE…!!!


J. Flowers



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