Tatyanna’s Quinceañera (December 16th 2017)

You get that client every once in a while that’s so appreciative of what you do as well as the quality or service and product you provide that they kick themselves for not finding you earlier. I love those types, she was like “Oh @hit, you have a photo booth too?” “How much do you charge for 4 hours?” “Oh my god, I wish I would have found you earlier”. That’s no shade to the photo booth provider that my clients husband had already booked, they were awesome. I wish I could remember the name of the company so I could plug them…Okay, it brings me to Tatyanna’s Quinceañera at Pierre’s Of South Brunswick, a town in Jersey I’m becoming very popular in. My client who is the mom of Tatyanna pulled out all the stops for her daughter, I see some parents doing little to nothing or way too much and this one fell in the way too much file. As a photographer and a spectator you listen to the stories being told at these events and you can either start playing on your phone or you can listen to get a real feel of the person everyone’s in the building to celebrate and I witnessed clearly why her daughter deserved such a lavish celebration. Go Mom & Dad….!! You guys are doing an awesome job.

Everything from the decor, the back drop, the desert table on down to the location was absolutely beautiful, we had an issue with time in the beginning because my client wanted me to shoot the court before the event but she got there late and so did half of the court. You know me though, I couldn’t leave that event without getting those shots in. I had to think quick, where in the hell am I going to shoot this large group of people without them all being needed for or at some period of the night? I ran out of the venue looking outside of the building as well as inside of the building on other floors and couldn’t find anything. I saw things, but I didn’t have an assistant and my lights were already set up around the dance floor. I don’t like moving my lights from location to location because you mess up your settings and when you get back, that spot may longer be available and so on and so forth. I wonder had I not gotten the shot would the client had been disappointed in me or would she had dealt with it because she and the court were late? Lol, let me not wonder that and be proud that I was able to pull it off. I called the mom to the side and told her I need the entire court at a certain spot at 9:40PM, and asked her if she can make it happen. She said yes. I moved one light, set the stage, did a couple test shots and I was good. A half hour or so passed and all members of the court were where I needed them, I made a couple adjustments with height and such and I was good money. Took a test shot and let off about 10-15 more and I told all those teenagers to beat it, you are no longer needed. Lol, real talk. One kid was like, there’s no way he got the shot. Come on son, I does this. I wish the guys would have stood closer to one another but you know how dudes are.

Just a good old time overall, shout out to Pierre’s Of South Brunswick… I’ll be shooting a Sweet Sixteen there on March 10th, we should probably sit down and talk. You know, let’s talk about that Preferred Vendors list. Lol


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 19, 2018.

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