Head Shot Day with Keller Williams Greater Nassau (April 7th 2017)

Okay, the battery in my back has been re-charged and now I’m back to give you guys these good words. If you’ve read this blog before you know my dates and such are all out of wack because I try not to blog about anything until the business of the event or what it is I’m capturing is actually finalized. So, with that I bring you this one and my friend Annette has a LOT to do with this one. Okay, Annette reached out to me regarding her co-workers liking the head shot(s) on her business cards. She knew I just lost my job in Corporate America and was looking out for me. Long story short, I put together a proposal and sent it to one of the people running things over at her agency. While I was at it I ended up sending that same proposal to 25-30 more real estate agencies. Agencies in Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. Not knowing what was going on, I didn’t hear back from any of the agencies and I was shocked. Went back and read the proposal and was wondering what else could I offer to actually get a call back from someone willing to take advantages of the prices and services I would provide. I knew someone would, I guess I was thinking it would happen a lot faster.

It did end up happening, I got a call one month later from Annette’s firm “Keller Williams Realty”. They wanted me to do head shots for 8 of their Real Estate Agents but we just didn’t have a date which was fine. As weeks passed, the person I was in contact with got back to me. She then sent me the date and time her agents wanted to do the shoot and that number 8 grew to 10, then to 13, then to 15, then to 18 and then to 23 or so. I had to push back a little because my goal was to shoot all the agents in one sitting BUT I also had a wedding that following day and what I promised in the proposal for the head shots “Same day editing and final file delivery” would be hard to execute. I wanted to meet with one of my wedding team members as well as try to get to the church where the ceremony was taking place the same evening I did the head shots to get an image of the bride and groom signing their marriage license. It just ended up being too much to try to do in one day. I have to say though, the head shot session went well. Such a great group of people over there at KW Realty.

I think the final number was 20, but only 18 showed up but my assistant Angie and I were good with that, shout out to Angie all the damn time. We brought the studio from Staten Island to Long Island and gave these agents some great images for their business cards, social media platforms and where ever else they’d like their faces featured. My thing was that I’d log on to a companies website and I’d see the pictures of their staff and wondered why everyone had such terrible pictures of themselves and it was because some of them never had a professional head shot before. Don’t get my wrong, some of the agents and KW Realty had decent images but with what I was offering my dude…? A lot of the agents were suggesting we make this type of session an every month thing as new Real Estate agents join their firm every week. I’m all for it, I’m in the process of putting another proposal together right now… Super special thank you once again to Annette Nichols-Williams and Katherine Carcach..

I’ll see y’all in a little bit..





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