The Looney Bin Comedy Club (Feb. 11th 2017)

tlb_feb11th2017-20Get ready to see more blog posts from my adventurous nights on Staten Island, that’s right… from the Looney Bin Comedy Club. I’ve been shooting there for a few years now and it’s pretty much been my go to location when and if I’m not working. Like, I work when I’m there but I’m not on the payroll.. I’m just freelancing or whatever the term is. At one point, I was just taking the pictures and giving them all away and then I started to watermark my images because a couple cats were right clicking, saving and using without crediting me. I was okay with it for a while and then I got bitter about it. Stopped watermarking again and then conversing with my man Tommy Gooch last week had me thinking to begin watermarking my images again and I did. Shout out to Tommy Gooch and #wekiddin

tlb_feb11th2017-93Okay, so as a freelance photographer I’m out there hustling… Leaving my business cards on tables and I’ve done this for years but it’s something about this grind I really like at that’s probably why I can’t stay away from it. Do I get a call or two from people I’ve left cards with?  Yes… Do I make a couple dollars off of 4×6 prints I can print out while after taking photos of people in attendance? Yes.. It’s how I built this machine I’ve become but let’s start talking about how awesome the show was because the 3 of you that read my blog already know my story. Okay, so I’m going to do a better job at remembering the comedians names because for some strange reason the only one I can remember is Tommy Durnin and that’s probably because him and I had a good half hour conversation before the show started. We talked about everything from marriage to the arts and how we all have to hustle to keep the lights on in our respective places of residence.

tlb_feb11th2017-7I need to talk to Victor and ask him to keep a calendar of past dates on the website just in case people like myself need to remember the names of a comedian they saw perform. Victor owns the Looney Bin Comedy Club but why do you guys care? Okay, I won’t be at the Looney Bin this weekend coming FEB. 18th due to other obligations but look for me, take my card, follow me on social media, tell all your friends about that cool @$$ photographer you met at the comedy club. Notice I only remember the names of comedians named Tommy…? How weird is that…? To see ALL of the images I took last Saturday at the Looney Bin, just CLICK HERE….!!



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  1. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

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