Hanukkah Themed Photo Booth “12-31-2016”

0200-copyThe day after Christmas I said to myself “I want to get one more photography related gig before 2017”. I was patient and I saw one out there that caught my attention. Now, the photo booth has been my go to as of late. It’s so much easier to execute and such a smaller headache Vs. all of the other services I provide. I put a price and a package out there and the client set up a time for her and I to talk. The talk happened and she paid the invoice immediately, no deposit either. The entire balance right there over the phone. Wow, what a great way to end the year. Now, seeing that this event was only 4.5 days away I needed to know the theme and she stated it was a Hanukkah Celebration. I told her “I’m going to try my best to find some props in time” and she said “it’s fine if you can’t because it’s so last minute”. That if I couldn’t it would be totally fine. I know better than that and since she was so good at hiring me on the spot I put in a little extra effort and ordered some props off of Amazon.com that same evening for a next day delivery. I actually did stop in at Michael’s & Party City but they didn’t have anything.

0289-copyAfter such great email and phone conversation I was ready to drive out to Long Branch New Jersey to put the show together, my client wanted the enclosed photo booth Vs. the back drop set up and with the enclosed booth I usually try to hire an assistant to help me because it’s a big to do for one person but it was New Years Eve. Who was I going to get to help me out for fifty to one hundred bucks that night? Everybody I know is either partying or trying to find a party. Me, I have another mission… I’m Tryna Pay Some Damn Bills, I don’t have time to party. Lol, got to the location way in advance and although it took me 5 trips from my car to the Synagogue I didn’t care. My back is feeling it though as I type this. My client wanted me to set the photo booth up in the basement and when I saw those stairs I damn near fainted. I was sweating like a pig as 5-6 10-12 year olds kept asking me “Is it set up yet?”. I said to one of the young ladies “The photo booth goes live at 7PM, it’s only 6PM. Can you guys come back down here in an hour?”. Of course they didn’t, those kids had me under pressure. Lol..

0156-copyHad a technical difficulty once I got everything set up, for some strange reason the printer began printing the last photo booth event I had prior and I was scratching my head like WTF??!!??. I’m here wasting photo paper and ink and I have children on my back wanting to use the booth. I asked my client for an additional 5 minutes so I can figure out what the issue was. Logged onto YouTube looking for a video on how to cancel the print queue in Windows 10 and found it. Man, I think half of the last photo booth event came out of the printer. Crazy right…? I’d have to say, this event was by far the best photo booth I had. The kids were so much fun, although they were a pain in my butt in the beginning I began to enjoy them as the night carried through. I want to thank my client Leah for hiring me and I also want to thank her husband for greasing my palm on my way out. I’ve been doing this photo booth thing for a while now, I never thought I’d be in a Synagogue with it though. Props to me for making 2016 a year I’ll never forget…



~ by mrflowersphotos on January 3, 2017.

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