The wedding of Lillian & Jack (Jersey City/ Nov. 2016)

dsc_0646-copyIf you’ve been following my journey you probably know that I owe a lot of my work load to a certain website. That site is, I browse it daily looking to see what kinds of photography services are needed. Recently I started using another site called because I’ve never been one to rely on referrals, Facebook and such to get work. It’s out there so I just go looking for it, just like Thumbtack it took some time to understand as well as land a job. I think it was a full 2 months I went without landing something until I saw a user named Jack looking for a photobooth for his wedding reception. I reached out to him and he called me within minutes. He says he noticed I also did event photography and wanted to hire me for both services. I’ll tell this one funny story about the official day I met Jack & his beautiful wife Lillian. We were to meet at this Train Terminal near the 911 Memorial out there in Jersey City so I arrive there on time the morning of. Jack & Lillian are running a bit late but it’s all good. They’re going to arrive and I’ll be all ready because I had plenty of time to set my shots up as well as put my exposures together. About a half an hour later Jack & Lillian arrive and we get right to it. BAM, 3 minutes later a pigeon craps on Jack’s suit blazer.. LMAO, i’m sorry Jack but that was hilarious.

dsc_6036-copyLillian is such a great person, she says to Jack “I have make up remover wipes in my bag, let’s try to clean it off with those”. She gets the jacket cleaned off and we’re ready to start the portraits before the ceremony. It was cold and I was really worried about Lillian being cold and on top of that we’re at Jersey State Park right at the water and that breeze was brutal. She was a soldier though, she was good to go. We did a couple locations within the 45 mins to an hour we had left and we produced some good stuff. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, from the church to the many tears I witnessed dropping down the sides of Lillian’s face. She hid her face from me at one point because she didn’t want me to catch her crying. That same day I had help coming in from Queens & Brooklyn. I had a good friend of mine Annette coming in to man and operate the photo booth and Kenny was my 2nd shooter to back me during the reception. I really needed Kenny because if I was too busy setting up the photo booth, I didn’t want to get caught out there and miss the bride and grooms entrance. Kenny was late though, sent him the address the night before and he puts the wrong address in his GPS. Big dummy, lol… It all worked in the end though.

ljDuring the reception Kenny holds up what I think is a Jack & Coke and I look at him like he’s crazy, he says “Jack wants you and I to have a drink” and we try not to drink around clients because if something goes wrong then that can become a case. Jack insisted on it so we all had a drink or two or three. Oh my god, I can’t believe I had that much to drink while shooting a wedding and shout out to Jack & Lillian for being so nice to us. The photo booth was a huge hit and everyone from the kids to some of the employees as the venue enjoyed it. That’s right, a couple of the waiters and bartenders at the venue where the reception was being held couldn’t resist and inquired whether they could take a few pictures in the booth and i’m like “why not?”. Good times had by all… Congratulations to Lillian & Jack, you guys are such a beautiful couple and I wish the both of you the best.


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 22, 2016.

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