Shannon & Christopher’s Wedding – July 2016: “Risky Business”

shannonchrisI’m not going to get into how I wasn’t the original hired gun to shoot this wedding but was asked to cover it by another photographer because he was double booked. I will give you a set of hints and you can ask me the real story when you see me. Okay, so I’m thinking I’m covering a wedding because the original photographer couldn’t make it and that’s something that the client knew. I’m just happy to be shooting and to get a fist full of cash at the end of the night. I get to the venue and I’m greeted by a young lady at the door, I reply back to her and she says “wow, you sound so different over the phone”. Bam, that’s the first hint right there. My assistant Angie knew what was going on from the jump but I didn’t want to believe her. We proceed to do what we do. The young lady that greeted me at the door was the client but I didn’t know, I never talked to her nor had I ever met her. I get a lump in my throat thinking about this as I’m typing. At some point while in the bridal suite the client finds out my name because she originally thought I was the other guy and now I’m basically lying to her because of some conversation the original guy didn’t have with her. Not to worry, I’m a decent photographer and everything will be taken care of. My cover was blown…

sc_exitNow, when we cover events for other photographers and I think this is a rule we all go by. We send the final images to the original photographer so he or she can move forward and finalize business with their client. Sounds exact, right…? Nope, that didn’t happen in this instance and this wedding took place in July 2016. The images were sent to the original photographer a week or so after the wedding because I had time to run a quick edit on them. We fast forward to October, I then get an email from the client requesting the images and now I’m so tight that I forward the email the client sent me to the original photographer but not realizing I’ve CC’d the client on the email. Now, she reaches out to him and instead of him contacting me first when he realized the gallery I sent him months ago had expired he may have told her to reach out to me directly. WTH??!! Bam, my cover was blown again…!!. Now, I use a program that tells me when a client downloads all of their images and the original photographer downloaded them back in July so I’m wondering what in the hell did he do with the clients images? I’m thinking this wedding was all wrapped up, it wasn’t. He never sent her the images. WTF…..!!??!! I no longer have the images on my server because I deleted them from all my hard drives. The client and I are now just exchanging emails at this point because the hired gun didn’t do anything he was supposed to do.

groomsmenI reach out to the company I rent server space from and they were able to find the original images I uploaded and were able to send them back to me. At the end of the day I saved the day and the original photographer’s ass. I don’t know if he reads my blog but I couldn’t hold this in any longer. In a real world, he’s to get credit for shooting this wedding but I’m not going to allow that to happen. I’m taking full credit for this wedding because if it wasn’t for me she’d be suing him right now. Now, I’ve pretty much given you all more than a few hints and you can see how risky this business is and can be. I’ve told a couple people the entire story and they ask would I ever work with the original photographer again and my answer is yes. With every bad story there’s a couple good stories that come out of them. This was definitely a learning experience and the relationship I created with the client during this time will be treasured because she knows I came through for her… EVEN THOUGH I WASN’T THE ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHER….!! Lol. I didn’t want to get into how beautiful the wedding was because that’s easy to see by the images I’ve embedded. This was just an entry I’ve been dying to put out there because I can’t believe there are people that do super messy business and leave their clients out to dry.

Congratulations to Shannon & Christopher and the new addition to their beautiful family… You FINALLY got the boy Chris….!!

I think i’m going to start doing yoga again…


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