Roman’s Baby Shower (Oct. 29th 2016)

roman1I had the pleasure of attending my colleague/ homegirl Francheska’s baby shower for the new addition to her beautiful family. Let us all say hello and welcome baby boy”Roman” who will be here on December 9th or before or after. I also had the pleasure of providing my photo booth services which was a total blast during the shower. EVERYONE LOVED IT….!! I want to thank Francheska & Travis for everything and a big special shout out to my man Kenny Watz for operating the photo booth for me. The baby shower was super cute, chill and detailed to the bone. Everything surrounding the theme “Woodland” was showcased at the shower, on the cake, the decor, the backdrop for the photo booth, the venue itself on down to some of the snacks I remember looking at and wondering “who in the hell put these together?“. I mean, I believe they were donut holes decorated/ designed as acorns? I thought I’ve seen it all with the number of events I cover and attend but I’ve never seen anything like that. Oh, Francheska’s mother put those together… shout out to mom dukes.

roman2I arrived at the venue super early with my wife and son so I can set up the photo booth and run a few tests on it. Everything worked well and I couldn’t wait for 4PM, PHOTO BOOTH TIME….!! I told Travis at some point that he had good taste, I was helping him bring some of the things inside the venue and I noticed some Belaire Rose bottles, I knew him and Francheska were super fancy like that though. I’ve only seen those bottles in Rick Ross’ videos to be honest with you, maybe I need to get out more. Lol… I wasn’t moving fast enough and missed out on seeing what it tastes like. Maybe I’ll cop a bottle this upcoming weekend, hmmmm… Oh, did I mention how delicious the food was? God Damn…!! I was looking forward to eating and I purposely didn’t eat breakfast that morning because I knew what I was getting myself into. A little taste of Puerto Rico & Haiti, such a beautiful combination, such good flavors, such a beautiful family…

roman3My poor son was having a blast too running around in circles with the other toddlers until him and another little fella collided, it was a wrap after that for him. He hit his tooth but nothing was loose, he was just a bit shaken up and fell asleep instantly after that. Other than that, probably one of the best, well enjoyed baby showers I’ve attended. I want to thank Francheska, Travis and lil Miss Leabella for having us. We are looking forward to meeting Roman soon. The DJ was doing his thing too, really enjoyed watching the kids dance to the Cha Cha Slide. Good times had by all… Congratulations once again guys….!!

Shout out to the parking spot I was able to get right outside of the venue too, over crowded Brooklyn for the win..!! lmao


~ by mrflowersphotos on November 8, 2016.

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