Annette’s 60th Birthday Bash… (She Ain’t 60)

annettedance-1-copyI know, where have I been…? The question my subscribers have been asking and thinking to themselves. I haven’t been that busy but if you know me and you read my blog you know my dates and entries are all over the place. A good friend of mine Annette Nichols-Williams turned 60 a couple months ago “June 25th to be exact” and I had the pleasure of shooting her as she prepared to stun her friends, family and birthday party attendees.. From the hair, to the the dress to the jewelry to the shoes to the make up.. home girl was doing it. Talk about someone that loves to be photographed, you would have thought she was the Guyanese version of Marilyn Monroe out here. Love you Annette, and I know you read my blog… you can punch me in the face later for being so damn late posting about our shoot… Shout out to your husband Kelvin too for being a good sport, when the 10 year wedding anniversary comes around I got y’all. Or did that pass already….??


I had a pleasure my dear, there’s something to say about close ones that hire friends/ close ones and you are indeed someone I consider both of those. We may not see, speak or hear from one another much but when we do it brings me back to all those free drink week night events starring crazy ass Sandra some years ago. It’s almost like it never stopped. Why are we always out somewhere drinking…? Lol, I guess we do what we do best.. Did I just tell on myself? LMAO, it’s only in moderation people. It’s celebratory, we’re talking celebratory drinks…

Happy Belated Birthday Young Lady….!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on October 12, 2016.

2 Responses to “Annette’s 60th Birthday Bash… (She Ain’t 60)”

  1. […] crying. That same day I had help coming in from Queens & Brooklyn. I had a good friend of mine Annette coming in to man and operate the photo booth and Kenny was my 2nd shooter to back me during the […]

  2. […] it is I’m capturing is actually finalized. So, with that I bring you this one and my friend Annette has a LOT to do with this one. Okay, Annette reached out to me regarding her co-workers liking the […]

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