Happy Birthday Bev…..!! or Beth, wait… Bev right…?

bevcarpetThe title of the post is basically me not hearing Bev correctly over the phone when she contacted me in regards to capturing some moments at her 60th birthday celebration. At first Bev was only interested in taking some family portraits at the house before her, her family and friends would party it up on a yacht that sails out of Chelsea Piers. I got the call on behalf of my man Delroy of HVP Classic, him and I met at a Sweet 16 a couple months ago. He does video, I do photos, we exchanged numbers and since that he’s sent me 3 referrals. I owe dude a couple drinks as well and a couple gigs too. Good looking out Delroy….!! So, back to the birthday girl Bev.. yes, so Bev was debating on whether she would do video as well but I think she figured that would be a bit too much being that it wasn’t a private party. We talked invoice and such and upon ending the call I called her Beth by accident, she laughed and corrected me “No, it’s Bev”.  My bad. She said she’d go with the family portraits for now and if she changed her mind she’d like me to board the boat with them too and capture the entire evening. A couple days pass and yes.. she decided to do the entire day which came out so much better for her and her friends.

bevcakeA few days before the event Bev and I exhange text messages just confirming everything and guess what….? I called her Beth AGAIN via text message but she didn’t correct me. She just ran with it. I arrive at the house the day of and I’m like “Damn, this lady must be rich”… such a nice house out there in Piscataway NJ. I call her and she doesn’t pick up and the last thing I need my client to think is I was late so I leave a message and I call a couple more times. A car pulls up and the gentleman driving it looks as if he’s going to the house I’m parked outside of. I ask the gent whether he was there to see Bev and he says “yes”. I tell him who I am and he goes and rings the bell. Bam, Bev answers the door but I don’t know it’s her because I haven’t met her yet. I approach the woman at the door and she extends her hand and says “You must be John?” and I’m saying to myself “there’s no way this woman is 60 years old”. Bev can easily pass for 40-45 y’all, Black Does Not Crack I tell ya…!! I run back to the car and grab my equipment and I start my job. The portraits that were taken at the house were red carpet like, that’s right.. she had the back drop and the red carpet already set up. Side note: her husband Wayne told me in advance that she was a picture diva but I was ready.. lol.

bevsmileWe had a good hour or so at the house for photos and even had a chance to drive to a park real quick and grab a portrait of everyone in one shot. From there we had a party bus pick us all up to drive to Chelsea Piers so we can get on the yacht and party it up. Good drinks, good conversation and such a wonderful group of friends and family. I don’t normally drink while working but Bev’s niece insisted so, lol. Dinner was great and I learned a few things about Panama while conversing with a gentleman named Jimmy, his wife is Bev’s cousin. We just had a good old time. The cake got a little messed up during the commute from Jersey to NY but we staged it good enough to be captured in some of the the candle blowing photos. While at the house earlier that day I asked Bev whether she noticed I called her Beth once again via text message by accident and she said “Yes, but I figured I’d let that one slide”. Again, such a great client and an awesome group of people to photograph and spend the evening with. That drive home was something else though because I was tired as hell, the party bus picked us up and brought us all back to NJ. I had to pack my car up and drive all the way back to Staten Island, the life of a photographer I guess.. I want to thank Bev again for her business and thank Delroy once again for the referral. I really do appreciate it..



~ by mrflowersphotos on July 28, 2016.

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