Jack’s Bar Mitzvah (June 11th 2016)

JackLogoI was a bit busy and all over the place as of late so if you’ve been waiting on another blog entry…. HERE IT IS…!! Jack’s Bar Mitzvah, which happened on June 11th on the Island Of Staten. Jack’s mom Jody liked my work, we had a conversation or two and she booked me. Before that, I had never attended a Bar Mitzvah but I had an idea it would be a bit different than the Bat Mitzvah I shot a few days earlier. Yes, it was.. Although the ceremonial elements were similar, the celebration and venues were totally different. Which is fine, again… I learned so much that week about Jewish tradition and I couldn’t ask for more. Life is all about experiences…

FamilyWhen Jody and I got to discussing some of the traditional things I should look out for, she hinted me to “zap photos” which I honestly never heard of. I had to hop on Google to see what I was working with. Come to find out, the term is for images taken and then immediately being displayed digitally. At the time, Eve’s Ultra Lounge was under construction and I needed to know whether they actually had the technology in the space to pull this off. I ended up speaking with an event planner that I believed worked there before and she wasn’t 100% sure but when the day came… we tried it and it didn’t work. I honestly think it was my fault, after I decided to look at my camera settings a week or so later I noticed I had what I think was the wrong settings applied. I’m a decent photographer but ask me have I ever read a manual to any of the cameras I own. Yikes… I had it set to take RAW & .jpeg images but for some reason it was only taking RAW images which couldn’t be displayed. When the event planner gave me back my SD card jackChairshe stated that the file type couldn’t be read and I didn’t know why. Besides the brain fart I had that day, I must admit.. I shot the hell out of that event from the family portraits all the way down the the celebration itself. Jack was having a blast and it showed in every single image I shot. On a side note, when I met my client Jody that evening.. Oh My God, she reminded me so much of Alison Victoria from Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network. I actually asked her that in a text message, she said she didn’t know who she was and so she Googled her. She got back to me and said “I can see what you’re talking about a little!” Lol

Happy Bar Mitzvah to Jack, and a super big thank you to Jody & her husband Michael for hiring me. You guys have a beautiful family…



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