Head shot session with New Dorp’s own…

Mykyta1-232 copyLove when I get these random calls regarding photography, it tells me that the word is or has been getting out. Mykyta reached out to me on a Saturday evening, I was just sitting in the house chilling. I think I was watching Kitchen Crashers with my girl Alison Victoria on the DIY Network. I don’t normally answer my phone when a call comes in that I don’t recognize, I’ll check to see if the person leaves a voicemail and I’ll call them back. I decided to check the voicemail message and the caller on the other end states who they were and what they’re calling in regards to. Something along the line of whether I was still in business and that he needed some head shots, I’m like… okay? I call the gentleman back and I tell him of course I’m still in business, we worked out a date and time to put things together and what shocked me was how the gentleman found me. Says he Google’d “Staten Island Photographers” and I came up as the 3rd or 4th link. NOW, THAT’S WHATS UP…!!!.

Mykyta1-026 copyUpon learning more about my client I noticed he was a bit fit, so I asked him what gym he worked out at an he stated he doesn’t go to the gym. He said he prefers doing calisthenics, pull ups, dips, push ups in the park and such. From there I knew we’d have a cool, quick and easy session because I’m the same kind of person. Lately I’ve been a gym rat BUT.. I still get my dips and push ups in while at the gym. I learned what Mykyta really needed these images for (LinkedIn) as well as pulling something out of him that he says he’s always hated.. and that was his smile. Can’t remember if it was one of my corny jokes or what but I kind of know what I’m doing at this point so it’s a no brainer. In total, I think we shot for less than 40 minutes and we even pulled off some 3/4 and full body shots. I was having either another shoot that evening or I was meeting with a couple cousins of mine to grab lunch. Why am I drawing a blank? I want to thank my client Mr. Mykyta of New Dorp Staten Island as well as Google. Just never know who’s out there looking for quality work. Google is the ish…!! I wonder who were the other photographers on Staten Island I was competing with though…? Lol…


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 27, 2016.

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