Prom Park Portaits with Diamond And The Crew…

DC_SLParkDon’t forget to drop the DVD’s in the mail, Don’t forget to drop the DVD’s in the mail, Don’t forget to drop the DVD’s in the mail, is what I keep saying to myself the past week and a half as I need to ship my client her DVD’s containing all of the images from a portrait session I had with her and her graduating friends in Silver Lakes Park on Staten Island some weeks ago. Mind you, she’s super cool and she has the images already… her and I just can’t find the right time and place to make the DVD transaction. Her name is Diamond and she’s super cool. When her and I met she stated that she didn’t want the standard cellphone camera images that everyone would be posting and sharing, she wanted some professional grade images and I was flattered that she was considering me. We chopped it up at Dunkin Donuts and had already had a shoot date and time set. I have to say, I meet a lot of teenagers and they are nothing like this young lady. She is super wise beyond her years and just having that conversation with her at Dunkin made me think that the youth aren’t all lost. I was marveled hearing her accomplishments, about what she does for a living now and what she wants to do in life. I salute my new friend, I call her a friend because I heard her say to one of her friends “John Is The Homie”, that means I’m cool as hell by the way… Lol

SLP_groupThe shoot was cool and quick, all the prom girls and guys were there with their dates and we shot in couples and then in groups. Met a few of the parents and even got my palm greased by Diamond’s mom, good looking out Mom Dukes. I plan on dropping these DVD’s in the mail by either tonight or first thing tomorrow afternoon Diamond so if you’re reading this…. I got you…!! Shout out to my man Quentin too, he’s the gentleman in the group image at the far right. I met him & his little sister the day I met Diamond, we were all in that Dunkin Donut’s just kickin it. Congratulations to you guys once again and I look forward to seeing you all again..


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 16, 2016.

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