Juliana’s Christening (Elizabeth New Jersey)

Jaeliana'sChristening_ (188 of 253) copyLast month I was hired to shoot a Christening out in Elizabeth NJ/ Perth Amboy NJ, which was my very first Christening… if I’m not mistaken.. (scratches head). I was super happy to be around a family/ client that said they were going to feed me even before I sent that said client an invoice. That’s right, my client stated that she would like her photographer to sit and dine and have drinks with the family as well. I was sold….!! Lol, just kidding about the drinks portion because I truly don’t drink alcohol while I’m working. BUT, I will eat…! Liliana was absolutely the sweetest person and I can’t thank her enough for going with http://johnflowersphotos.com

Jaeliana'sChristening_ (30 of 253) copyThe day started with a phone call while I was parking my car around the corner from the church, it was Liliana. “Hi John, are you close?”, “I actually am, I’m parking my car”. “Great, because the ceremony is about to begin”. I soft jogged from my car and ran right into the church fully loaded and ready to go, then I noticed 2 other photographers. I didn’t know what was going on but it came to me quick, there was another Christening going on in the church as well as a Sweet Sixteen ceremony and since I never met my client before that day I didn’t know who I was supposed to point my lens at. Liliana got my attention and it was on from there… The ceremony was so beautiful, baby girl Juliana was all decked out and looking so angelic. Man, I miss my son being that little.. I took a lot of candid images of the family as they received the blessings from the church as well as some posed family portraits.

Jaeliana'sChristening_ (220 of 253) copySuch a great family, I really enjoyed my time and experience with my client and her family & friends. I felt as if I was with my own family and friends, I just happened to have the camera on me that day. Everything from the initial meeting to me having an actual place card for the table I sat at during dinner. It was probably the best time I’ve had this year as a photographer, I want to thank Liliana & her husband Jason once again for being such great people and making me part of the family. You guys were/ are awesome..

Kiss the baby for me…..!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on May 10, 2016.

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