Commercial photo shoot (March 27th 2016)

BDarlington_Yeah, it’s been a while but I’ve been rather busy with editing and closing out existing & lingering commercial projects from last year and earlier this year. I have a computer that I do all of my editing on that recently only had a few megabytes of scratch disk space left, all the Photo Shop & Light Room nerds will know what that is. For all that don’t know, it’s not that important so don’t sweat it. Okay, this entry is from a project I shot on Sunday March 27th in Silver Lakes Park on Staten Island. A client who is an aspiring make up artist needed some images for possibly her blog, website, Instagram or which ever platform she wanted to showcase some of her make up artistry on. She liked my budget, she went with me. The only issue I had with this shoot was the need for full body shots, the client and I discussed this during our meeting but I’m a fair guy and I like to help people. Especially those just starting out because I was there before…

BriblackbackOh, and I didn’t have an assistant that day and it’s tough doing outdoor work with no help because the trek from the car to the location and yeah… if it’s more than one trip it can be a living hell. You have to worry about someone stealing your equipment as well as all the other crazy things that can happen on location when you’re there alone. Shout out to my home girl Angie who straight bailed on me that day, lol. The ending portion of the shoot was then moved to my studio which was very controlled for the wind that day in the park was crazy, I spent 2-3 hours removing fly away hairs from one of models faces (not the image that heads this entry, there was another head shot style image. The one that heads the post, I believe the focus is/ was the dress). My goodness, just thinking about that is making my wrist hurt again. I want to thank my client Bobby Darlington for hiring me, hopefully we’ll work again some time in the near future.


~ by mrflowersphotos on April 15, 2016.

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