Client Appreciation with Kenny Williams… (3rd Time’s A Charm)

KW2016 (91 of 1)Over the few years I’ve been doing this photography thing I’ve had a lot of one timers, meaning a one time customer/ client. Some get what they need the first time and that’s it. I talk to other small business owners about repeat clients and how you have to actually be a good client first in order to gain something. When I say that, what I mean is some people see the price on something and they back out. Whether it be too expensive or they know someone that does it cheaper and that’s fine. It’s like going to your favorite bar, when you start to become a regular there the bartender will eventually start to recognize you and may even pour you one or two on the house. You see where I’m going with this…? I posted about this a couple months ago regarding a client that’s a “3X” client of mine and I couldn’t be more thankful. Just a couple weeks ago I had my good friend (that’s right, I can call him a friend now) Mr. Kenny Williams back in my studio for the 3rd time for some updated head shots. It was a session that was on the tail end of that Black History Month special I had going on and he took advantage of it. I originally shot Kenny’s head shots at least 6 years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, and I think the 2nd time around was right before I moved to Staten Island. I think, I can’t quite remember. Either way, Kenny has seen the growth and continues to support me..

KW2016 (188 of 1)Working with Kenny is super easy because he knows what he wants, it’s not the standard session I’d have with a regular client because Kenny and I talk about everything from crazy things our wives ask us to do to the do’s and don’ts of small business. Of course there are some jokes in there for Kenny is a comedian/ actor. Kenny photographs very well, and one of the most liked and loved photos I took of him was a candid image I shot back in 2010-2011 of him laughing. Now, I’m trying to remember was he laughing at something funny I said during the shoot or what? If you’ve watched good comedy showcases you’ll recognize him. Someone was in my office the other day as I’m editing an image and says to me “Man, that guy looks so familiar. I think I just saw him somewhere recently”. Exactly, Kenny Williams was recently in/ on and episode of the well talked about “Money & Violence”. Kenny has been on BET’s Comic View, has headlined at New York Comedy Club, Caroline’s and hosts/ performs at numerous comedy clubs around the world. I salute and appreciate Kenny Williams, thank you once again for the support sir..

You can see Kenny Williams on Thursday March 24th at the Inkwell Jazz & Comedy Cafe in Brooklyn as he hosts the “Laughs On Me” Afterwork Comedy Show.

Inkwell Jazz & Comedy Cafe, 1165 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn NY



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