Happy Birthday Mali…!!! (Morris Museum/ Morristown NJ)

HBM_-6Back on February 6th I was hired by a client named “Kitty”, at first I was like “Okay, maybe she’s a stripper”. LMAO, I really hope she never reads this blog because she’ll probably knock me upside my head when she sees me. All jokes aside, Kitty is the mother of Mali whose birthday we were all celebrating. I was hired for my photo booth services and after a couple hours my client changed her mind and wanted event photography instead. New day, new invoice and a new price point. A couple days after that she changed her mind again and stated her daughter really wants the photo booth so I then had to adjust the invoice again and at this point I knew my client Kitty was going to be crazy as hell and I couldn’t wait to meet her. She was very skeptical during the invoice process too, was a bit hesitant on making a deposit. I explained to her that the deposit guarantees you my companies services and time for that day. I entertain a lot of jobs and if there’s no commitment I won’t show up, she totally understood that but asked me about the balance being due the same night of the actual event. She wanted to pay the remaining balance after she received the final images, I laughed over the phone while talking to her because she said “But what if I don’t like the pictures?”. I was like “Mrs. Kitty, you’ve read my reviews and see my work all over the internet. You chose me for a reason, how could you NOT like the pictures?” We shared a great laugh and from there I knew she was going to be a fun person. Oh, and she was so elated that the invoicing system sent her a receipt when she made the payment.

HBM_-5Fast forward to the night of the event, I had Marcel Holley of http://celsphotography.com assist me to show him how I execute a photo booth so he can eventually incorporate that service into his business and he was a great help. Putting together the photo booth takes time, setting the stage and getting the exposure correct as well as laying out all the props and such takes time and it has to be done right. The birthday girl Mali enjoyed her party, the photo booth and the running jokes the family and I exchanged all night. It was just a great night and one that I’ll never forget. I want to thank Kitty for choosing John Flowers Photos Inc. 

Oh, and the food at this venue was FANTASTIC. My client suggested my assistant & I grab something to eat before the party really started and I’m so glad we did. She even gave us some super large pieces of cake after the night was over. I want to add the link to the food caterer’s website but I can’t find the card right now. Daing it….!!



~ by mrflowersphotos on February 24, 2016.

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