Black History Month “Head Shot” Special

BHMHSSI offer special pricing all the time, at least 3 times out of the year. This time I put it out there for my People Of Color, those feeling a certain way about the Oscar’s and how People Of Color are being snubbed. For Black History Month I’m offering a special on Head Shots for less than $50.00 and if you’re an actor, comedian or a small business owner of color… this is PERFECT for you. I’ve had this offer out there since the last week in January and it hasn’t gone super viral but it’s reached the few that I hoped it would. Please share this with your friends, family and those who love quality photography at a super affordable price…

Here’s what you get for $39.99 (plus tax)

  • 15 minute session
  • 1 look
  • Soft edits on all images taken
  • Master edit on (2) images
  • Private online proofing & purchasing gallery
  • Downloadable web sized .jpeg images

Good stuff right…?

Now, I don’t watch the Oscar’s nor anything else that a lot of people watch on television and I could care less BUT, i’m doing my part to try and change the conversation. I’ve watched a lot of actors interviewed regarding how they feel about the situation and I think Marlon Wayans had the most interesting response. Says “you don’t knock on doors and ask to be let in, you kick the doors off the hinges and you make your way in”. I did that same thing with photography and I will continue to…

Interview with Marlon Wayans


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 3, 2016.

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