When Thumbtack Meets Real Life…

Coffey_130(blog)A few entries ago I posted about my usage of Thumbtack and how I’ve acquired majority of my recent business by using that website. It’s gone super crazy now that they’ve gone public and since Christmas and New Years there’s been a crap load of people looking for wedding photographers but that’s another story. This story in particular is in regards to how I got the business of a co-worker of mine who was seeking a portrait photographer. Okay, so I’m on Thumbtack browsing around and I spot a job that I was interested in. When you see the persons name looking for services before applying you only get to see the persons first name and last initial so everything was just business as usual until I applied and then the last name became visible. I’m thinking to myself “could this be the multi-media guy that I work with at my day job?”. I brushed it off like what’s the chances of another person having that same first and last name. I mean…..

Coffeywzoe_A week goes by and I ping the guy at my day job that I think is the guy from Thumbtack and I ask him “Hey ________, do you reside in Scotch Plains NJ?”, he replies with “Yes, I’m worried now”. I then follow up with “Are you looking for a portrait photographer for Nov. 27th?”, he replies with “Wow, small world. Are you one of the photographers I contacted on Thumbtack?”. Needless to say he was who I thought he was, he ended up picking me not only because him and I are colleagues but he stated I had the best prices and images so that was a win win. My co-worker Steve C. and his family ended up being a very fun entertaining family. All three of his children were home around Thanks Giving and he wanted to have portraits taken of the entire family together while they were all in one setting. It was a very simple shoot, just one location which was the living room. They removed the furniture and wall hangings before I got there so all I had to do was pull out my camera, adjust my settings and shoot. Steve C. has a couple dogs too which freaked me out because I have asthma and I’m allergic to dogs, and pet dander so I thought I was going to die but since I wasn’t in the house that long I escaped without one single sneeze. I was only able to get one of the dogs in a photo with Steve because this one in particular (in the photo with him) “Zoe” is in love with him while the other is a dog they rescued from a barn. I hope I don’t get the story wrong but they explained that the dog lived outside its entire life until they rescued it so it hasn’t quite grasped living indoors just yet so it pretty much stays outside and isn’t good around a lot of people just yet.

The kids also told me the last time the entire family took photos together was 19 years ago, and I can’t remember who said it but I remember hearing they think Steve C. their dad had on that same exact shirt… Lmao, that was funny as hell. Thanks to Steve C. and his beautiful family, they were a fun bunch and I really enjoyed working with them..



~ by mrflowersphotos on January 12, 2016.

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