Holiday Portraits w/ The Clouden’s

ChandlerLeavesLast November I got a call from my guy Nathaniel Clouden in regards to taking his families holiday portraits at the end of 2015 and I was elated. Nat, his darling wife Sandra and their little bundle of joy Mr. Chandler who just turned “1” recently took a trip all the way out to Staten Island so we can take some flix. It was cold as heck but with Nat’s incredible human leaf blower skills we managed to capture some amazing images. We shot at 2 locations, one being Clove Lakes Park and the other Bay St. Park. I didn’t take much gear other than my Nikon D610 which my wife got me for my birthday and my Sigma f2.8 70-200mm telephoto lens. Nat’s original idea location had the NYC skyline in it but being the holidays I didn’t see how that would fit. I suggested leaves, grass and trees and we went with it. I did want to shoot over to Jersey so we could get that skyline but he changed his mind after we wrapped the shoot at the first location. So glad he did because it was too damn cold, lol. Earlier that morning I actually ran out and scouted the location where Chandler is sitting on the tree stump and thought it was ideal for something I wanted and after we left the first location I couldn’t wait to get there.

the cloudensAfter a very fast and productive shoot day we were all hungry so we ran back to the house to pick up my wife, I suggested pizza and I introduced Nat & Sandra to Denino’s on Port Richmond Ave. I can’t invite anyone to Staten Island and not take them there, I think they have the best pizza I’ve ever consumed. Just thinking about it is making my stomach cry, lol.

I want to thank The Clouden’s for believing and investing in me. Oh, and big up to them again for buying lunch. That was very nice guys, i’m so happy my friends/ clients loved the images and it was so cool seeing my images on their holiday card. Nat had a cool dash cam in his car too and he was educating me on it and the benefits of having one. Just saw Nat and Sandra last week (Jan. 2nd 2016) at their son’s birthday party and I told him that my Mother In Law actually got me a dash cam for Christmas. That’s crazy right…? Lol, I haven’t hooked it up yet but I will be this weekend..

Thanks again guys,

Love y’all…


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 8, 2016.

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