My Studio Rats…


Happy New Year Guys…!!

GITD-276Although I know my wife hates the mentioning of the word “Rat” and I know she’s going to read this because she’s one of my loyal blog readers. It’s like calling someone a gym rat, you know… someone that stays in the gym like myself. I call my son Jackson & his buddy Julien studio rats because they love being down there with me and you can tell by the expressions on their faces. They get a chance to yell and scream and not be told to keep their voices down. A kids playground right?

GITD-298I took these images on the evening after a photo shoot I had with a client and since the studio was all set up I figured I’d pull them in for a couple shots. The best part about this is that now that these guys are getting older they actually can stand in place longer than 4 seconds. NOW they get that I’m taking pictures so they are a bit more patient. Jackson on the Thomas The Tank Engine bike and Julien on the Radio Flyer tricycle. I’m like “guys, just be yourselves for 10 seconds.. this is going to be quick”. These 2 are best buds, they enjoy each other and when it’s picture time they comply. Lol

My next few blog entries are going to be random and out of sync because I’m all over the place with adjusting new prices for 2016 and other ends I have to close out but pay close attention because it’s going down my G..





~ by mrflowersphotos on January 5, 2016.

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