Hannah’s Sweet Sixteen… (October 30th 2015)

HannahDadYou guys are probably wondering why my dates are all over the place on my blog, truth be told.. I’m terrible at blogging and if I had enough money to pay someone to blog for me I would. BUT, it probably won’t be as interesting if yours truly isn’t penning it. I rewind you all back to October 30th/ Garwood NJ at The Westwood for Hannah’s Sweet Sixteen celebration. Hannah’s mother “Ruth” hired me via Thumbtack.com and wrote a review about my services and product that is by far probably the best one I’ve received. Thank you so much once again Ruth…!! I have to talk about The Westwood for a minute, man.. that place is BEAUTIFUL. I’m actually going to reach out to them soon to try and get on that Preferred Vendors List. I can’t stop thinking about it AND I drove past there at least 3 times since I worked there.

HannahExtDuring Ruth’s speech, she mentioned her daughter Hannah didn’t even want a birthday celebration/ Sweet Sixteen party but she explained to her daughter that she’s only going to turn 16 once and marking that time in life is very important. It’s a milestone of many to come… I want to thank the Fussell Family for being such great people. Not only for hiring me but for TIPPING me too, wow. The husband hit me off with a lil something something and so did Ruth. You guys are truly amazing…..!!!

The images embedded in this entry are of Hannah dancing with her dad in the first paragraph and of course the beautiful Hannah herself outside of the venue as requested by her mom to the immediate right of these words you’re reading. Upon taking the outdoor image(s) I wasn’t really feeling it because I knew how dark it was outside but I knew Ruth wanted these images. Find my profile on Thumbtack and read what Ruth said about these images and you tell her anything different… I had a great time and I look forward to working with this wonderful family again. Shucks, Ruth and I might just grab lunch one day.. We’re practically neighbors..


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