Anjali’s Sweet 16 (November 7th 2015)

anjalidollI’ll start by thinking I speak for all other photographers out there, we really appreciate good word of mouth. In the case of Anjali’s Sweet 16 which was a super awesome event, I think it was more like being in the right place at the right time? Okay, so remember this event? Yes, that was an event where I only provided Photo Booth Services. During that evening I met an INCREDIBLE family, Romi, Carlos and their daughter Anjali who were attending Ashley’s Sweet 16. Conversations happened between Romi and myself in regards to me possibly providing that same service for her daughter’s Sweet 16. We exchanged information back in July and you get where I’m going with this. Romi who is Anjali’s mother not only wanted the photo booth, she also inquired about event photography which I provide as well. I was then booked for both services. A couple weeks or a month later Romi contacts me in regards to video coverage and since I don’t provide video coverage I could only put her in contact with the best person I know providing that such service. Those people are the good people of who I work very closely with. With me working the event I couldn’t possibly man the photo booth so I reached out to my sister Lisa Brown of and BAM, we got the trifecta up in that piece…!! Lol

fnd2I’ll have to say Romi did a kick ass job in preparation to her daughter Anjali’s Sweet 16. Everything from location on down to the guys playing the trumpets upon everyone’s entrance. That was CRAZY…!! BUT so DOPE. Damn, Romi & Carlos jumped out the window with this and their daughter deserved it all. I’m sure it was all Romi’s doing because Carlos even mentioned he was just showing up, Lol. My favorite part of the night was the Father Daughter Dance, my man Carlos was gettin it IN…!! I’ve shot a lot of Sweet 16’s and this one made it to the top of that list of favorites…

17thCandleThere was a very emotional and cry worthy moment at Anjali’s Sweet 16 that I had to touch on. During the 16 Candle Ceremony Anjali dedicated her very special 17th candle to the mother of a friend she lost during Hurricane Sandy. OMG, you talking about a room full of tears. Just typing this took me back to that day I heard about it for the first time. Such a strong mother and super special dedication. I want to thank the Cruz family for being such awesome people, you guys are amazing and thank you for hiring John Flowers Photos Inc. Anjali has inspirations for modeling so stay tuned to some major cool stuff and more stories of my new business relationship with this family. I can’t be more excited about what will be coming next..


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