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Thumbtack_Logo_2014When I started to get half decent at photography I just knew my Facebook inbox would BLOW UP with potential business and it never happened. I’ve left business cards and fliers in places and have even handed them out, nothing happened. I was lost when it came to marketing and advertising myself. I read articles on SEO and all the other things you can do on marketing myself for business and I guess I thought I was going to be shooting something all day everyday. I laugh at it now because that’s just not how business works, I don’t believe in that Facebook Boost thing, sheeeeiiiiitt.. I have more faith in Craigslist ads if you want to know the truth. I’ve always been the guy that said if you want the work you have to go out there and show people you actually do it. I’ve told a few photographers that same thing because at the end of the day I don’t think it matters if you have a $60.00 camera or a $6,000.00 camera, if you don’t have the work for people to see and actually have put in the work you’re not going to get any. This is just my opinion, i’m not super successful in photography but I’ve learned a few things on the way. I’ll get to the meaning behind this blog entry right now…

About a year and a half ago, my dude, videographer/ photographer “Brian Luvar” put me on to a website called, he told me you can go to this site and look for photography jobs. Him and I were at a point where we were both trying to figure out ways to get more business together so we used to talk every damn day. We used to talk about bad clients, repairing exposures and every thing under the sun that involved photography. Back to Thumbtack… It was like a legit version of Craigslist. The thing about the site was/ is that you have to pay to play which means you have to pay the site a few dollars to send a person seeking services a quote. That person will have a budget and some needs, if you can give them what they want they may contact you. It’s that simple… Services from Plumbers, Electricians, Bartenders, Florists, Roofers, DJ’s and the list goes on but since I’m a photographer we’ll just keep this at photography. I was a bit skeptical like the average person is and with all the money I’ve spent on photography gear I looked at it as a way to market myself to people that have no idea who I am. Yes, that was the kicker for me.. I can put my photography services and information out there to people that don’t know me Vs. hoping a Facebook friend would hire me or even inquire. I hopped in and have never looked back. I was going to post about my experience both good and bad being a Thumbtack Professional but I wanted to keep all the information to myself. Well, the site has been around since 2011 if i’m not mistaken and I just heard about it last year. I tell every photographer I know about it as well as other business professionals. I didn’t think to actually blog about it until lastnight while watching Rehab Addict on the DIY Network, during a break I’m glancing at the commercials while checking my Facebook page and BAM, a freaking commercial for Thumbtack starts… Note, this commercial is 4 months old so that tells you how much television I actually watch.

It’s a gamble, just like everything in life and when it comes to business. You have to spend money to make money and if you’re good you might even make some money and build some fascinating relationships with clients that will eventually spread the word regarding how good you are. That word of mouth will be the best marketing you’ll ever have, trust me.. it has worked for me. I’m only a part time semi professional photographer and during the 19 months I’ve been using Thumbtack I’ve been hired 23 times. My profile only says 20 times but that’s another story. On average, that’s 1-2 jobs a month which sounds horrible but i’m possibly competing with other photographers that are way better than me or way less expensive. It’s one or the other…

Below is a short list of a few blog entries that are stories about clients from Thumbtack that have hired me. Enjoy

Girls Night Out (March 2014) 

Aarti’s Bridal Shower (April 2014)

My first Aqeeqah (April 2014)

Judy’s Surprise 80th (April 2014)

Kaitlyn’s First Communion (May 2014)

Pat’s Bridal Shower (June 2014)

Maggie’s Bachelorette Party (June 2014)

Sweet 16 – Somerset NJ (June 2014)

Sweet 16 – Staten Island (November 2014)

Brigid & Andrew’s Wedding (May 2015)

Photo Booth/ Sweet 16 – Staten Island (July 2015) 

To visit my personal Thumbtack profile page, please click on the link below:

John Flowers Photos Inc.

Peace out, my G…!!


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