Congratulations Brigid and Andrew..

JFP_B&A (1 of 1)A few months ago I was hired to shoot a wedding for a young couple on Staten Island and as odd as it may seem, the wedding date got pushed up. I mean, it was scheduled for one month and then I got that call stating it would take place the month before. Fortunately I was still available to shoot at a sooner date and I kind of had a feeling why the wedding was happening sooner than later. The groom “Andrew” is in the service, the Air Force to be exact and I guess his deploy date was changed so John Flowers Photos Inc. had to roll with the punches and get the job done the best way we’re known for. The initial meeting with the client was rough, well at least I think it was because I think the brides Aunt wasn’t too confident in my product. You know, one of those that have a camera and think they can take the same pictures you take… Yeah, that’s what I felt like I was dealing with but needless to say.. I got the job. Thanks Fay…

JFP_B&A (2 of 1)Now, I got in REAL good with the brides father who’s credit card became a good friend of mine after some time. Shout out to Seth, you’re a great dad sir and a super awesome dude. After Seth and I talked financial firms and jobs and other nerdy stuff outside of photography I felt like he was my friend and I couldn’t wait to actually meet him. The morning of the wedding I was in contact with my super 2nd shooter Mr. Kenny Montero who became a fan favorite of the Groomsmen as well as the Grooms family. The night I went to the clients house to go over the wedding album detail and image picks they couldn’t stop talking about how professional and super cool Kenny was. Kenny did his thing y’all, real talk. He’s even in a few pictures with the Groomsmen at the wedding, that’s how much they felt he was part of that collective. The image you see in this paragraph was shot by Kenny Montero of Kenny Watz Photos. My man gets that detail…

JFP_B&A (3 of 1)Overall, I think it was a cool wedding and we had a great time. As I type this i’m going through the multiple album creation process for at least 8 family members and it’s killing me, lol. In a good way though. Congratulations to Brigid and Andrew once again, shout out to Big Seth and from the folks here at John Flowers Photos Inc. we thank you all for hiring us. Oh, another personal shout out goes to Andrew the Groom who pretty much had to leave right after being married. I know he can’t wait to see this photo album I’ll be shipping to him. Thank you for your service Andrew, I’m sure you will make your Father proud.. We learned some very interesting and personal things about this family during those moments with them as well as other family members. I’d have to say it was a great experience. One that Kenny and I will talk about for days. Oh yeah, shout out to the lady that put her arms around Kenny and I during the end of the night stating she was wondering where those 2 men with bowties on at the car wash were going. Yes, we both went and had our cars washed the morning of so that we were super clean. Oh, and big ups to that young man that bought Kenny and I a drink too. That was very nice of you sir..

Stay tuned for more y’all…


~ by mrflowersphotos on August 5, 2015.

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  1. Thanks John!!!

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