A lesson learned… (Ashley’s Sweet 16 Photo Booth)

blogjulyI was hired back in March to provide my photo booth services for a Sweet 16 celebration on Staten Island a couple weeks ago. At the hour I needed to meet with my clients “Sandra” & “Pete” for the deposit and contract signing.. my wife nor my mother in law were home so I had to take my son Jackson with me, lol. He’s probably the real reason I got the job because he’s super handsome and fun all at the same time. He’s not a bad salesman either. All jokes aside, the meeting went well and 3 months later I was ready to set up shop so the kids and adults could take as many images they’d like in my super duper photo booth.

The theme for Ashley’s Sweet 16 party was “Alice In Wonderland” so I provided a few props along with the prints that came with their 2 hour photo booth package. Pete called me the day before the event and wanted me to stop over their house and take a few portrait images of the kids an hour before my booth was to go live. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide those services at the time because I didn’t have enough time to negotiate an additional contract for those services needed nor did I have time to hire my assistant. I actually thought since I was hired to provide the photo booth that my client had already obtained a photographer which would be the gun to photograph any getting ready images along with the party. Turns out they forgot to hire an actual photographer in the planning. I guess with all the running around that particular part was forgotten. Trust me, I would have loved to provide both services but at the 11th hour is never enough time to plan and book. I did learn something valuable though, next time I get hired for the photo booth only I’m going to follow up with the client to see whether they’ll also need an event photographer or vice versa.

Now, some have asked about the photo booth packages and such that I offer. I have everything from a 2 hour to a 4 hour package as well as standard back drops like the one you see in the attached images to custom back drops. Every version of these photo booth services varies in price due to what each client desires. For more information on these photo booth prices and packages please feel free to contact me.

I want to thank Ashley the birthday girl and her parents Sandra and Pete for they were awesome. I’ve never gotten as many compliments on my product quality and professionalism while working an event as I did in the few hours I spent with this family and their friends. I even met my new BFF “Romy” at the party who has a daughter that’ll be 16 soon, talks of potentially hiring http://johnflowersphotos.com

Lol, later y’all…


~ by mrflowersphotos on July 7, 2015.

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