Getting the opportunity to assist one of your favorites…

LB_WFSince I’ve been playing around with this photography thing I’ve been asked to assist a handful of times, none that I can remember as recent as last weekend when I had the pleasure to assist my sister in photography Ms. Lisa Brown. Lisa and I met via Facebook through a photographers group, we have a mutual friend or two in the game and admire each others work very much. When I wanted to jump into weddings I reached out to Lisa because I knew she shot them and I wanted to assist her somehow so I could get my feet wet. I remember Lisa telling me from what she’s seen of mine she was actually surprised I would even want to assist and if anybody needed to learn anything it was her.. She loves my studio stuff and said she’d love to assist me so she could learn to light within the studio setting. That gave me confidence as a photographer and I still owe Lisa that studio assist date, I’m not going to forget again kid, I promise… Lol, A grilled cheese sandwich later and few months Lisa reached out to me regarding her portrait session and I was flattered. “Hell yeah I’ll assist you, don’t mention it” I believe is what I typed in the return text, just give me the date and time and I’m good.

Although Lisa is a Canon shooter, she’s still cool as hell. LMFAO….!! You know I had to go there with it. Her portrait session was actually an engagement session in preparation for the wedding she’s shooting as well. See, Lisa gets busy…!!! I want to be like her when I grow up. I shot a little BTS while assisting Ms. Brown but I was mainly there to assist which I was told I did a magnificent job at. I don’t remember the last time I worked with a reflector as an assistant, I still got it though. The crazy part about that day was we were to shoot this couple at a location that required a permit for commercial photography and we didn’t have one and neither did the client. We’re there trying to figure out ways we can get around it and if we would have lied and said we were just tourists or something it wouldn’t have worked because I decided to wear my companies T-Shirt that day and the security guard at the location noticed it. I’m trying to remember if I told him my name though, we know for next time.

Lisa is a dope photographer, a smart business woman and a great person to learn a thing or two from about photography… You can find Photographer Lisa Brown at

Thanks again for the opportunity Lisa, I had fun and I look forward to working with you again…



~ by mrflowersphotos on June 12, 2015.

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