A kid can dream, right..?

G&JI know I’ve been away for a minute but…. I’ve started a lot of my entries like that right? I found a few minutes to blog today and I owe the 3 of you at least 4 entries so prepare for the onslaught. My son Jackson along with my wife and I had the opportunity meet Genevieve Goings of Disney’s Choo Choo Soul out in New Jersey at the Levoy Theatre last Saturday/ June 6th. I personally became a fan of Genevieve when I saw a video of her on my Facebook timeline. I can’t remember who posted it but she was singing while she tied her necktie and after doing a little research on her I found out that she is very much dedicated to kids and since I have a little one I needed to see how I can fit her into my sons daily activity. Genevieve Goings is a songwriter, producer and artist working to create sustainable children’s music for the current generation, incorporating learning and rhythm into catchy, quality songs. (I took that straight from her LinkedIn profile page, lol) Real talk… I wanted my son to be entertained by someone like her and timing was perfect, I found a few of her videos on YouTube of her and DC performing the Disney classics and my son was hooked. After following her on Facebook I then found out about the Choo Choo Soul show coming to the Tri-State area and I purchased the tickets immediately. I couldn’t wait for my son to see her live.

choochoofamThe show was incredible as my son sat there in amazement the entire show, I’m sure he couldn’t believe what and who he was watching the entire time. We even had the opportunity to take photos with her and DC after the show and that right there sealed the deal. Such an amazing duo for kids to be entertained by, follow and learn from. Be sure to check out Radio Disney Junior and any and everything involving Genevieve, DC and Choo Choo Soul, trust me.. your children will fall in love…

Anyone that knows my son knows he has a million dollar smile, but… like i said earlier… I’m sure he was wondering what were the 2 people he watches on television doing in the same room and space with him… A kid can dream, right…? Thank you and Genevieve and DC, you guys are super dope..


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 9, 2015.

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