The importance of Family AKA stand ins…

jacksonipadFrom time to time before a photo shoot I have a couple options when it comes to stand ins, meaning someone to capture while setting up the shot for exposure, white balance and all the other technical jargon that goes with photography. Two people I can always count are my beautiful wife Tashima Flowers of M.S.K and our super dooper handsome & intelligent son Mr. Jackson Aiden FlowersThey’ll either sit or stand still for me as I get everything ready. I can stand in myself as well, but I’m not as attractive on camera. Thinking about my little guy and my wife because they aren’t feeling well. My wife caught a case of the cooties on Saturday and gave it to my son and NOW my mother in law has the bug. I guess I’m next right as I purchase a large bubble to quarantine myself so I can keep the cooties away from me.

Greyshirt-64THIS JUST IN…!! I just got off the phone with my wife a couple minutes ago and she says they are both feeling better which is a great thing. Yay, I’m going to bring you all cupcakes tonight… Oh shoot, how about my mother in law…? I’m going to text her now. My son stood in for me just a couple weeks ago for a photo shoot that ended up being postponed I believe, for some reason I can’t remember and my darling wife who wasn’t standing in but was actually being photographed modeling my studios/ companies “John Flowers Photos Inc.” shirt with logo and website on the back. One weekend we shot the red shirt and the following weekend we shot the grey, my wife nailed both colors. She’s the illest and my wife is fine as hell yo… Love you baby, if you’re reading this please let me know what kind of cupcakes you guys want. I’ll be leaving Midtown by 4PM or so..

Peace out my G…..!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on April 8, 2015.

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