Paying attention to detail…

DSC_2167I’m honored to be that photographer people refer, suggest or always have in mind when it’s time for anything related to photography. I want to specifically thank Event Planner Tahara Green of Eye Catcher Design EP for our working relationship that has quickly blossomed into an actual friendship. Business over everything still, she is a woman about her business and when it comes to event planning.. I don’t think I’ve met a more dedicated individual. From the first time working with Tahara, I have to admit… I was a little nervous. She told me a story or two about how she had to ask another photographer to leave because she wasn’t satisfied with the images he was taken. I was actually wondering would I end up like that guy as I was working for her last November. I’ve been very confident in my work, but when a client tells you horror stories you never know what to expect about your own work when they see it. Needless to say, she’s has been a very satisfied client and has looked to involve me in just about anything she’s been contracted to plan.

DSC_2072I’ll never forget her reaction over the phone when she called me to tell me she absolutely loved the final images I sent her, she screamed in my ear y’all. Lmao, it was one of those phone calls I wish I would have recorded… Just recently Tahara Green hired me again to document the decor at her God Daughter’s 1st Birthday Party, she even asked me to bring my family which meant so much to me. I can’t make this stuff up guys, this journey is so rewarding at times and I’m not only talking about the money. It’s the relationships you create over time that mean way more than anything else.


~ by mrflowersphotos on March 31, 2015.

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  1. Dope!!!

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