Where Brooklyn at…?!?!?!?!?!!

wendyI had a very busy weekend as a photographer in the borough of Brooklyn and I think that’s the reason why I keep dozing off so easily the past couple days. That’s right, I had the pleasure of shooting back to back events last Friday & Saturday night in the Borough Of Kings. I shot a 50th Birthday Bash at The Dumbo Loft and 24 hours later I was back on Flatbush Avenue shooting a 40th Birthday Bash at Woodland. Happy to say that both of my clients have already received their images because I promise what I state in my services contract. I have to keep a good reputation out here in these streets. I want to thank my friend Yasmeen Peoples for reaching out to me regarding Wendy’s 50th, Yasmeen is an Event Planner who sought me out a couple months ago for the job. Her client liked my proposal and I was at one of the best parties I’ve been to in a while covering every moving moment of the night. Most memorable night for me was this one dude that kept asking me what ISO was I shooting at, I don’t know what he was looking for but at the end of the night I gave him my card. He then asked if I was looking for an apprentice, which I kindly told him not at the moment because I already have 2-3 assistants. Oh, and people pulling me from one side of the location to take pictures of them in front of the step and repeat. Oh my, how annoying was that…? Lol, annoying but fun at the same time. A dedicated photographer at the step and repeat would have been ideal though for all those reading my blog. Trust me, you don’t want the main photographer to miss something because he or she’s on the other side of the venue working the step and repeat like a red carpet event. (The image embedded is Wendy and her “50 And Sexy” drinking glass.)

NaDPSaturday night was even more fun as I was hired via “Thumbtack”. Shout out to my client Mrs. Nichole Saland who I had tea and conversation with yesterday. She absolutely loves the images in her web gallery and since we work so close to each other we decided to finish business by linking up. Nichole is a very detailed client, she was all about business when it came to hiring me. She did her homework and read a few things about me on my website and all. I get a little nervous when clients talk to me regarding information that’s public, I be like “How’d you know I have a son?” forgetting that it’s all there on my website. Nichole originally wanted to hire me for my photo booth services but she chose the event coverage instead and she’s so glad she went that route. She had some of her favorite candy in large jars for party goers to bag up on like Chico-Sticks, Pop Rocks, Ring Pops & Now & Laters and I couldn’t resist while I was there. I had at least 4 Chico Sticks. Nichole even gave me a bag full of candy yesterday, thank you so much Nicky.. You are so awesome….!! I kept telling Nichole how delicious the Fried Artichoke was at Woodland, my GOD…!! I was planning on going to Woodland this Sunday to sit at the bar and order an appetizer but I forgot that this weekend is All Star weekend and I can only imagine what the traffic and NO PARKING life will be like in Brooklyn. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…!! Lol, thank you again for everything Nichole. The business, the tea and the candy. I had a blast, your family and friends are absolutely amazing folks. Happy Birthday …!! (The image embedded is Nichole and former NYC Governor David Patterson)



~ by mrflowersphotos on February 12, 2015.

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