Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen…

DSC_6974As I am always thankful for any work I can get photography wise, I always question the “they’ll already have a photographer there” follow up statement. My thoughts are “well, why do you need me then?” Lol, that’s what I wondered when my man Brian called me and offered me this gig. This job was a 30 Year Wedding Anniversary coverage for Pastor McCann & his beautiful wife who I actually met a couple years ago at another event at the same location. Very good people indeed, I must say of St. Lukes Baptist Church up there in Harlem. Congratulations to Pastor and the Mrs. on their journey, absolutely inspiring.. When my crew got to the church where the ceremony was taking place at, I was wondering how the conversation would go between the photographer that was already on the bill and I. I didn’t know what to ask of her, what she would ask of me, whether I’d be welcome.. I just didn’t know, it felt awkward going into it. I felt like I was stepping on her toes and maybe she thought she was stepping on mine. As the event began, I realized there weren’t any issues other than communication. She did step into the video guys’ frame a few times, shoot I think she stood in the frame the entire ceremony. She also stepped into my frame a couple times but I was able to photo shop her out of some of my final images.

What I’ve learned when there’s more than one photographer or media person at an event is that we all have to communicate with each other just so that all of us are getting exactly what we’re paid to capture. I didn’t get the other photographers information but I hope she got some good stuff. Shout out to my dude Brian Luvar of   

This post isn’t taking anything away from how beautiful the ceremony and reception was, I just try to keep my readers interested in what I think about as well as what I may or may not struggle with going into situations…




~ by mrflowersphotos on January 30, 2015.

One Response to “Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen…”

  1. Nice Flowers, keep it going.

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