Mama, I Made It Pt. II

DSC_3868I wanted to post this before 2015 regarding one of the goals I finally met but……. I don’t know, I think part of me is still waiting on confirmation from my client and the other part is just my nerves. When I first sought out to make an attempt at wedding photography I reached out to a couple guys that were doing it just to see if I could potentially train with them or just carry their bags so I can get an idea as to how this whole thing plays out. I was lucky enough to have an actual conversation over Skype with one photographer named Chad Pennington of Sobitart Photography, he gave me some great pointers about the business, my website and what I should really be focused on when considering the field of wedding photography. Chad and I ultimately became cyber pals but I honestly didn’t want just that but history shows that I wasn’t ready enough for it so I fell back. I also had an actual meeting with another photographer named Rob Allen of Rob Allen Photography regarding my interest in the field of weddings. I mean, we chopped it up for a couple hours about where I wanted to take my career and what I needed to do and learn to become more polished. Again, that’s not what I really wanted… I wanted more than a lecture, I wanted to be out there in the trenches and such. I still wasn’t ready when I think back and that’s fine.

A good friend of mine even considered utilizing me to shoot her wedding a couple years ago and I told her I wasn’t ready for weddings. I referred her to Chad whose work she loved and her and her husband ultimately chose him. A great decision on their part, I love this young lady like a sister and told her that I was flattered BUT she really needed a wedding photographer at the time. I’m okay with little here’s and there’s but when it comes to weddings, I didn’t want to potentially ruin the most important day of someones life by turning over sub par images. Again, I just fell back and I was okay with being a guest..

As I got more polished and began to have an idea of at least half of what’s needed I began to create price points and packages for weddings having only a couple under my belt. A couple weddings that I’m damn near embarrassed to showcase the images online because they are that bad. Not only bad due to the images, but bad due to the locations and people in the images. Ask my boy Brian, lol..

All kinds of parties from Sweet Sixteen and yada yada yada I built up and strong enough portfolio that shows all kinds of clients what I’m capable of but some clients really wanted to see other weddings and I just didn’t have the images to prove I was capable. I REALLY wanted to get an official wedding in the books last year and I was lucky enough to get a call from my assistant Angie regarding a client that wanted my Photo Booth Services. The client and I spoke and not only did she want the photo booth she was curious about the weddings I’ve shot as well but this time I was brave enough to send her some samples and although I know deep down her and her fiance knew those images were horrible they still chose me and I think I did a good job. I’m in the process of creating their photo album now, just waiting to get a confirmation from the bride on which 55-70 images they’d like in the album. HOPEFULLY they love the images, that part is still nerve racking but at the end of the day I can say I finally got that monkey off my back. I thank all photographers I’ve met like Lisa H. Brown, Chad Pennington and Rob Allen for the conversations and or lessons…

The monkey is off my back sons, I think I’m ready for this 2015 wedding season. LET’S GET IT….!!

121314JFP-562I want to thank Tanazia & Christopher Houston for allowing my staff & I cover their wedding on December 13th, 2014. You guys make a beautiful couple and I wish you guys the absolute best..



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