The Growth..

the-growth-of-online-educationDamn, it’s pretty much been 3 years since I shot my first nightclub gig. I was still trying to figure out what kind of photographer I wanted to be, whether it was fashion, event, pet, portrait, food and or product. I was still working out the camera setting kinks, wondering what ISO worked well with whichever shutter speed I was using or what aperture worked well with which flash power. How to white balance correctly and most important of them all… how to expose correctly. I did reach out to and I was staffed and all but after a year I started to feel like nightclub photography wasn’t my thing and there were a combination of things that made me not really want to be there taking pictures for 3 plus hours of grown men posing with their middle fingers up and women giving me the all too famous “wait, I want my face and butt in the photo at the same time so let me get my pose right” pose. (That was my favorite pose by the way, I can’t front) The networking possibilities were on the table working nightclubs but there were always 3-4 other photographers in the club shooting as well so you had to be that guy/ gal that came first or you had to be that gal/ guy that made an impression. I can say I made an impression on 2 promoters who did a lot for my confidence as a young shooter and those guys were/ are Mr. Ketner Inspired and Mr. Big Ray Sampson.

This isn’t at all condemning nightclub photography by the way, this is my blog, my experience and journey. I’ll be honest, the money wasn’t worth the time and product you had to work and produce but each weekend night brought along new adventures. Adventures of which celebrity you had to knock people over to get a shot of, adventures of “damn, this @$$hole spilled an entire drink on my camera”, adventures of bouncers not even letting me in the club because they’ve never seen me before, adventures of waiting around until 5:30am to gather from a promoter what wasn’t even enough to fill my 15 gallon gas tank, adventures of “wait, this is cool…. the bartender discounts my drinks because he/ she knows me”, adventures of getting caught in a cloud of pepper spray when bouncers have to break up a fight in the club… Yes, those things happened and I don’t know what really happened with me and no longer getting the assignments to shoot at clubs but I honestly don’t think I was good enough but I’ve always credited & Mr. David Paul for giving me a shot. It was fun…

I’ve gotten several Facebook questions/ inboxes from promoters, bartenders and club goers I became cool with while working the nightclubs and the question everyone wants an answer to is “Yo, what happened to you man? Haven’t seen you in a while, are you still shooting in the clubs? Although I’ve been honest in each reply by saying “I don’t really know, don’t think I was good enough for that type of work” I really wanted to answer them all with “Growth, I’ve Evolved. Read My Blog & Follow My Journey”…

Shout out to photographer Keno from 7Days7Nights, that dude is actually the dude that showed me how to properly expose while shooting in nightclubs which again I credit for the growth. Keep watching y’all…


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 5, 2015.

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