Vie-Chic & John Flowers Photos Inc. Pt. ??

Vie-Chic_Nov72014_ (84 of 1)I really apologize for my late blogging but the computer I usually use to blog has been acting up so I’m going to try my best to squeeze a couple out before the year ends (PAUSE). Okay, so on Dec. 7th I worked with a few of my favorite women again for the 4th time… maybe? I can’t keep count but when get together we really create magic. I light Celina Brown up all the time for not bringing me a cup of coffee when she comes to my studio all the time as well as how late her and her team arrives but I wouldn’t trade working with her/ them for anything.

The team consists of the ever gorgeous Lynda Rose (Model), amazingly talented LaTisha Webster (Make Up Artist), best kept secret and shockingly creative Dominque Nicole (Hair Stylist) and the non coffee bringing, late all the time but I appreciate so much.. Ms. Celina Brown (Boutique Owner/ Stylist). This is my team ladies and gentlemen, no matter how many other photographers they work with I will always cherish these ladies. Dominque is new to the fold, but she blended in just like we’ve worked together and it was an epic shoot. 7 looks, at least 5 hair styles and 5 visits to make up… I think we did the damn thing ladies. Thank you for always being great and working with me time and time again. I really appreciate you all..

For the latest in women’s jewelry, style and fashion, please log on to and tell them I sent  ya….!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 30, 2014.

One Response to “Vie-Chic & John Flowers Photos Inc. Pt. ??”

  1. Nice shout out to your team!

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