“Jackson Aiden Flowers” (The kid on the 2014 holiday card)

JacksonHoliday2014fbShout out to my wife for always supporting me and helping me out when it’s time to take photos of our crazy son who can’t sit still for 6 seconds. Jackson photographs very well but the challenge that comes with photographing toddlers is something I thought I’d never have to deal with. It looks very easy when looking at the results but the look on peoples faces when I tell them I shot 246 frames during that photo shoot only to get “1” that was actually worthy of the holiday card. Okay, there were at least 5 but we chose 1 if that makes sense. I tried to speed up the shoot by using one of my sons teddy bears as the model before we put Jackson on set. What went wrong was the teddy bear was shorter than Jackson so that affected the light power/ distribution and other technical stuff I don’t want to bore you all with. So…. I had to use my noodle a bit more and re-group.

My wife showed me an image she really loved that I used for inspiration and I went for it, I started off with a very powerful light that didn’t work. Even at the lowest power it over powered the Christmas tree lights so I had to think smaller. I used 2 $10.00 flashlights I purchased at Home Depot to light my subject (Jackson) just the way I wanted to. I also turned the lights off in his bedroom to give it that look which I think happens to be one of my better portraits of 2014. I’m not patting myself on the back either, I just busted my a$$ to get that shot and it turned out the way I wanted it to.. Shout out to the woman in Walgreen’s who printed a photo of my son for herself when I went to pick the photo prints up, I walked in to pick up my photos and the cashier asked for my last name. As soon as I said “Flowers” she said “OH MY GOD, that kid on your card is so adorable” and had one of the cards in her hand. She showed it to me and asked if I minded that she keeps one of the cards/ photographs for herself. I told her it was totally fine, but you know I had to hit her with a business card before I left like “BAM…!!”


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 30, 2014.

One Response to ““Jackson Aiden Flowers” (The kid on the 2014 holiday card)”

  1. Lol!!!!! Loved this post!!

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