Salissa’s Sweet Sixteen/ Nov. 29th 2014 (Staten Island NY)

BSFrom time to time I’ll get an email or a call about shooting an event at the 11th hour and I’m either already booked or just not available. When I got the call from Wendy regarding her daughter’s Sweet 16 I jumped at it but actually forgot I was repairing/ installing some stairs in my house the same day. Yikes, how would I bust my ass as a fake carpenter for 3/4 of the day and still have the energy as a photographer to take pictures of some crazy wild teenagers for 5 hours that same evening? How about 4-5 Red Bull’s….? My knees, back and knuckles were KILLING me but I still managed to give my client exactly what she invested in. I met my client Wendy via, but physically met her & her beautiful daughter Salissa in a Dunkin Donuts not too far from my house and promised her I’d have her digital images for her within 72 hours after shooting the event. I like to give clients that hire me for events that level of service because I know how bad they want to post the images to their social media sites. I know they want those times to remain as vivid as possible and being that my work flow has gotten faster I can remain giving my clients that level of service. I know back in the day it used to be a full week, wowsers.. People would have forgotten about that party/ event by then..

SS16EULI want to thank Wendy, her husband Anthony and of course the beautiful birthday girl Salissa for believing in my product and service. I can’t wait to begin working on the photo album. Thanks for taking care of me too during down time, those dumplins and the buffalo chicken was absolutely amazing. Shout out to the staff at Eve’s Ultra Lounge on Arthur Kill Rd. in Staten Island, you guys were so awesome…


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 3, 2014.

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