Congratulations Edith Flores and Kenny Montero

E&KP(SILFINAL)_ copyDoing this for the amount of time I’ve been doing it makes me feel old sometimes, although I always say to myself I wish I was interested in photography a lot earlier in life.. I’m however happy with what I’ve done and have seen happen. Everything from not knowing what the controls on my camera meant to actually taking aspiring photographers under my wing and showing them a few things. One of my aspiring photographer friends that I’m most proud of is my good friend Mr. Kenny Montero a.k.a “Kenny Watz”. My dude hired me to shoot him and his significant others maternity session as well as their baby shower which was a FREAKING PARTY if you ask me, lol. I’ve known Kenny for almost 20 years and have seen him change physically, mentally and spiritually and that’s a big credit to his beautiful right hand Edith Flores… who happens to have the same exact name as my mother whose name is Edith Flowers. For those that know a little bit of spanish you’ll get that… Kenny has thanked me a million times or so for both the portrait session images as well as the shower photos and I look to him and thank him as well for hiring and believing in my product and services. I think he even said if he couldn’t get me as the photographer, he wouldn’t have one all together so that means something. Good looking out bruh..

DSC_1610 copyNow, back to the maternity session which I consider to be one of the best plan shoots I’ve had and props to Kenny for having an idea as to what he wanted me to capture. With those ideas it made the shoot a lot smoother and faster. Kenny is a smart dude because I had a $50.00 portrait session special I was offering some months ago and he took full advantage of that low price. He actually purchased (2) of those from me and he’ll be the first to tell anyone that didn’t take advantage of that offer that they were crazy for not doing so. Not that I’m super expensive but I’m not just giving photography away for free.

K&EBS2014_ (1 of 1) copyEnough about me, I want to wish Kenny & Edith all the joy in the world with the addition to their family. I look forward to meeting the baby when she gets here. You guys are blessed, you are family and you are loved. Thanks for “HIRING” me and not using our friendship as an opportunity to try and get something for free, you and I talk extensively about that damn near everyday and I am again thankful for you guys business and friendship..


~ by mrflowersphotos on November 22, 2014.

3 Responses to “Congratulations Edith Flores and Kenny Montero”

  1. This was such a beautiful post…

  2. Thanks man you know I learned alot from you… Our friendship goes a long way!!!

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