Non crediting has resulted in watermarking..

GINOYeah, after a long 3 week thought and a conversation with my good friend I’ve decided to watermark my images a certain way. Seeing my images on fliers and other promotional materials without an email or phone call inquiring has run it’s course. Shout to those that have asked and mentioned me when using or re-posting my images and good luck to those that crop my logo out of the images when using them. I don’t miss anything, lol…

Okay, now all events I shoot are different so going forward when you see my images and they only have one logo at the bottom right or left hand corner of the image.. that image is a total different degree of product and services than the ones you’ll see going forward. Yes, like that one that begins this blog entry.. You’ve subscribed, you’ve followed my journey… you guess what each degree of product and services are. I have to make sure my logo is visible on EVERYTHING now..


~ by mrflowersphotos on October 13, 2014.

One Response to “Non crediting has resulted in watermarking..”

  1. I told you son!!! It’s better to post your pics with a nice watermark. If someone wants to use your product to promote themselves. They need to ask your permission or buy the product!!!

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