Landscapey Stuff on Staten Island and in general…

FreshKills copyI’ve never been a fan of landscape photography, although I actually like it.. Not sure that makes sense but I guess I mean that I’ve never been the type to actually shoot it myself because I find it boring. I’d love some great images of landscapes on my living room wall but to stand there and set my camera to shoot it myself?, I’ll pass. I’ll leave that up to my good friend Mr. Justin Denmark. I shot the attached image yesterday at Fresh Kills Park out on Staten Island at an event my family and I decided to stop in at. I was watching Channel 7 News and they have a segment where they let you know about all the free things happening in and around the boroughs of New York City. I hit the wife up and asked was she interested, we’d take the lil guy with us and make a day out of it. She was down, we took it there…

It was a rather cool event I should mention, there were games for the kids, learning booths and FREE PONY RIDES…!! That’s right, FREE PONY RIDES. We stopped at the Food Truck section of the event and had some Mac & Cheese, learned some interesting geographical things about Staten Island and even got a tan in the process. My son enjoyed himself, either pushing his stroller, his bike and riding the ponies. Just a good old family outing, giving Nana a couple hours off.

Before we left and right before we entered the park I saw a landscape that reminded me of that Windows Xp desktop wallpaper that everyone and their Mama had on their PC’s welcome screen for years. Not that it was identical because it’s clearly not, just the rolling hills and skies I guess took me there so I decided to shoot it. It’s fall right now and our greens are now browns especially when the greens aren’t treated. Why am I explaining all of this…? I say this all to say… maybe I’ll give landscape photography another chance, I gotta think this through..


~ by mrflowersphotos on September 30, 2014.

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