#TBT or Throw Back Thursday

DSC_0313 - Copy copyI was looking through some of my older stuff and ran across some images I shot at a studio in Brooklyn during this Workshop/ Meet Up I participated in. I think the experience all together was great. You’d pay a certain dollar amount to have full access to a professional photography studio, the studio had everything you needed from Pocket Wizards, models, hair and make up. At the time I knew very little about photography but thinking back… I’m so glad I did that Meet Up because a lot of the things I try and do studio wise with lighting always make me think back to that day. I met some very interesting people that evening and I wonder if any of them are still doing this photography thing. All level photographers were there from amateur to semi-professional. We were all in there just trying to understand what our cameras did and the 2 guys that were teaching the workshop did a masterful job and helping us know how to White Balance our cameras and all that other stuff that goes with settings and such.

The image I chose to lead this post was one of (I Can’t Remember Her Name) but she was real cool, I think I have her number in my phone but why would she need this image now…? Lol, I decided to pull this photo back into Photoshop to give it another shot now that I understand how to use it a bit better than I did when I took the photograph. Man, I’ve come such a long way. At the work shop there was an opportunity to build relationships with the hair and make up people as well as the talent. I didn’t keep in touch with anyone and that’s only because I wasn’t sure I’d be doing this that long. I wasn’t to sure about photography at the time. Didn’t think I’d want to work with models because it can be annoying as hell. First off, I suck at giving direction and the space and time you need in a studio to pull off exactly what you need can be limited. We’re talking hair, make up and wardrobe… OMG, how do those photographers do it full time…? Lol, I’m sure it’s not that bad when you’ve been doing it so long.. I guess, but if that opportunity comes about again I think I’d network better. I don’t know, just thought I’d go back in time.. I have to look through a couple other hard drives this weekend if I get a a chance to potentially give some of my older work a second chance. This might be fun, we’ll see…


~ by mrflowersphotos on September 5, 2014.

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