Maternity Portrait Session With The Spence’s…

DSC_5130 copyOne of my most needed projects is finally in the can and I must say that I wouldn’t have wanted to shoot this with anyone else other than these two… I introduce some of you to my good friends “The Spence’s”, Lanethia & her husband Abe are expecting. I was asked to be that dude and was flattered for Lanethia was one of the first people I photographed when I was learning a technique for head shots. She’s watched me grow as a photographer and was one of the first people to hire me for this cool little portrait package special I was having a couple months ago. The session was quick and easy, they were late as hell and I was hungry as I don’t know what so after the first 2-3 looks we broke for lunch. Thanks again for lunch Abe, that was very nice of you. So, a pizza pie and a couple Jack & Cokes later we head over to Clove Lakes Park to shoot the other half of the session. I want to thank my dear wife for assisting me, I don’t know what I would have done without her there for I couldn’t get any of my regulars that day.

DSC_5319 copyWhen we started to discuss this session I needed to get a feel as to what exactly my client wanted to we began talking mood boards. I got a feel as to the types of shots she really liked by using Pinterest and the rest is pretty much history. I want to congratulate Lanethia & Abe once again and thank them two and three times over for choosing me to bring this joyous experience to potentially becoming art work in their home. I had such a good time and I can’t wait to kiss the baby…

Oh, and like Lanethia told me yesterday.. this shoot may have earned me the title of baby’s first portrait photographer, then baby’s 1st birthday photographer and so on and so forth… Lol, I LOVE IT & LOVE THE BOTH OF YOU GUYS EVEN MORE…..!!



~ by mrflowersphotos on July 29, 2014.

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