Rosemarie n Francesca’s Sweet 16… (July 5th 2014)

TwinsPreview_999I’ve slowly become the go to guy when it comes to Sweet 16’s and that’s because of my assistant Angie Vasquez, good lookin out again Ang. Yes, we sat down and hit it off with the family of Rosemarie & Francesca a little less than 2 months ago. We worked out a deal and produced one of the most beautifully photographed days from the getting ready shots, to the stretch Lexus Limo, to the stop at McDonald’s, to the portrait photos at Silver Lakes Park and finally inside the venue where the party was taking place. Let me rewind a bit, this job was different for both Angie & myself because I’ve never shot a party where the focus happened to be identical twins. A Sweet 16 for 2 young ladies that look exactly the same….? Okay, let’s do it. Want to give the parents of the girls a shout out because they could have went with any other photographers but chose Ang & I. We fell in love with the twins the day we met them and wanted to make sure they had the best photographs ever. They were/ are absolute dolls, very sweet young ladies. I want to adopt them… lol.

Angie had a LONG day for she had to deal with the entire dais of 20 during the day inside of the limo, at the food stop as well as at the church. My poor assistant, have you ever had to try and manage a group of very well dressed rowdy teenagers…? Me, I was chilling with my wife and son at home after I grabbed the getting ready images because I wasn’t dressed properly for the church and wanted to give Angie that experience. She probably regrets that, lmao. Hi Angie….!! The party started and we put the pedal to the metal. Ang was responsible for detail and tables and I had the rest covered. I think we put together a fantastic story and you can see it all by checking out the gallery of damn near a thousand images. We ain’t no joke, we were shootin that day….

TwinsPreview__310 copyA big thank you to the staff at The Crystal Room/ Staten Island, you guys are amazing and another thank you goes out to the Rodrigues Family. Rosie, Louie, Aida and of course Rosiemarie & Francesca. You guys are so awesome, thank you for believing in Angie & I once again. We appreciate your business and hospitality..

We’ll see you guys again…




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