Zoe’s Sweet 16 – Venetian Masquerade (June 29th, 2014)

HSZoeSome of my most recent events have been golden opportunities and I try my best to reap the benefits of each one, you know.. marketing myself for the next potential client that needs similar services. I have to give my assistant Angie Vasquez some props for pretty much getting me access to my own borough of Staten Island. When I first moved out there my goal was to be the only photographer people would gravitate to but how likely is that..? Lol… It takes one good job to gain access to multiple others and I think I’ve finally cracked the seal. Collectively Angie and I were hired to cover a Sweet Sixteen in which we were only given a week to lock in and WE DID….!! We met with Zoe’s parents just 5 days before the big day and we showed them what they’d get if they hired us. Two days later the deposit was made and the rest is now history. I have to say, the family is insanely hilarious… I had so much fun covering this event from the getting ready images at the hair salon earlier in the day all the way down to the end where Zoe’s mother had me taking pictures people that I’ve shot 5-6 times. She REALLY wanted to make sure Angie and I got everything and I’m sure we did.

Such a good time, such good food and good music. Different music I must say, Zoe’s music was a 3 piece band of young lads named “The Government”. I must say I really enjoyed their original music as well as the covers they played. I looked for them on Facebook but couldn’t find them, I’ll try Instagram and Twitter later on today. Zoe was very excited about meeting me the day I closed the deal with her parents, I told her I wouldn’t let her down and that her parents chose the right photographer(s). I think I did a damn good job.. I know both Zoe and her parents will fall in love with the pictures and I look forward to future business with them.

Zoe’s Venetian Masquerade theme was cool, everyone wore a mask and it was something I’ve never seen before.. at least not at Sweet Sixteen. I’ve gone through the images and the story is definitely on display. If you’d like to see more images from Zoe’s Sweet Sixteen or any of the gigs I’ve covered please visit my website at http://johnflowersphotos.com

TheGoverment_BandI want to thank Craig and Julissa for believing in my services and company, thank them for the opportunity to cover this once in a life time event for a teenage girl becoming a woman. You guys are super cool…


~ by mrflowersphotos on July 2, 2014.

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