My first Bachelorette Party… (June 14th 2014)

DSC_9058 copyI guess traditionally I’m so used to knowing and or hearing about these sorts of parties where there’s a cake shaped like a penis and a male stripper. Isn’t that the same ish that happens at the man version of these parties…? Well, there’s no penis shaped cake or male stripper involved but I thought I’d lay out the thoughts and ideas that come to mind. When I was hired to cover the event I see the young lady didn’t have a sexual preference as to who the photographer should be and I thought I’d move forward and take the job. Why not…? Turns out this wasn’t that usual party you hear and read about. These young ladies were all ladies and did it big in the Meat Packing District at Gas Light Lounge, a party of 20+ women were there to celebrate Maggie’s last week as a single woman. Well, I think that was her last week as a single woman. I never found out when the actual wedding was.

Overall, this night was fun. My client was absolutely hilarious, she didn’t think I was the photographer she hired though which I can’t wait to talk to her again off line about. I wonder who she thought I was when I introduced myself to her…? All of her lady friends were dressed in these cute red shirts that had their names on them as they talked, joked and laughed the evening away. From the outside of the venue a few of them took it to the inside where I captured them taking shots as well as dancing their butts off. My client even gave me a lil something extra along with buying me a drink while at the bar. Now that’s what I call a damn good client…

Oh yeah, the security dude at the door looked familiar to me the entire night as I finally struck up the nerve to ask him whether he worked Corporate before. Long story short, he worked security at my day job and we shot the ish during down time that night. I even hinted him to an idiot that kept trying to jump in the photos and making a small portion of my evening problematic. My man Carl, he radio’d a couple guys in and they fixed that minor problem very fast. Shout out to Gas Light Lounge Security, you guys are the business..!!

Congrats to Maggie on this chapter in her life, marriage is a wonderful thing.

Stay tuned…


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 24, 2014.

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